How to move apps to SD card in Moto E?

Why you need move apps to SD card in Moto E?

In addition to media files, Moto E also allows you to move some apps to SD card so that you can install more apps.

In addition, this guide also shows you how to set SD card as the default location for photos and videos taken by Moto E camera.

Please note, some apps cannot be moved to SD card. These include:

Some apps, e,g., camera, Google Play music, Google play movies, cannot be moved to SD card, but the media files corresponding to these apps can be saved in SD card by default. You can find the corresponding settings inside individual apps.

Step 1: Find apps that can be moved to SD card

Alternatively, you can tap apps individually to find out whether there is a moving app  to SD card option.


In the list of apps that can be moved to SD card, you check any of them to start to move the apps to SD card if it is not checked.

So, in this tutorial, I tap ES File Explorer, or tap the check box.  The app info of this app is shown.


Once Moto E finish moving apps to SD card, the app info will be shown as “Move to phone” as shown below.


Moto E also allows you to save all photos and videos to SD card automatically.


For more details on Moto E  camera settings, using Moto E camera, please check our Moto E camera guide (coming soon!).

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