How to merge duplicate contacts in Android

We usually end up storing duplicate contacts on our Android device while switching to a new device or while importing exporting contacts after doing a factory reset of your device. Whatever be the case duplicate contacts seems irritating and to merge them manually is a tedious task but not any more as we can automatically merge duplicate contacts on your Android device using different methods. In this post we’ll see how to achieve that.

Merge contacts using Android device

This is by far the easiest way of merging the duplicate contacts and this feature is present in most of the Android devices by default. This feature will be mostly available on the device running not so old version of the Android OS. I am using Android Kitkat myself and the feature is available in this version of Android. All you have to do is, go to your Contacts app, open menu, select merge account option. Once selected it will ask you to choose an option, select merge with Google, once selected it will tell you that your device contacts will be merged with contacts from your Google account’. Select Ok and your duplicate contacts will be merged, Below is a screenshot for better understanding.


Merge contacts using Gmail

You can merge duplicate contacts using Gmail as well, open Gmail Contacts and once there will be an option in the left hand side menu which says find duplicates. Select that option and it will list out all the contacts which are duplicated and you can chose which one to merge and which one to leave. You can merge all of them at once also. With recent updates to Gmail Contacts tab the application will automatically find the duplicate contacts available in your Gmail account and will prompt you to merge them. Here is a screenshot for better understanding.


Merge contacts using Android apps

If somehow you do not like the above two options there is another way out for you, the Google play store. You can chose from different apps available in the play store to do the task for you. Here are a few recommendations for you from the Google play store. Apps like Duplicate Contacts and Simple merge duplicates will make the merging duplicate task really easy for you.

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