How to manage WhatsApp group from WhatsApp Web ?

Manage Groups with WhatsApp Web

Are you Admin or WhatsApp group chat member ? Do you access WhatsApp from WhatsApp Web ? So here is something good updates on WhatsApp Web application.

WhatsApp Web now gives more control over managing Group chat conversions. You can create New group, Archive chat, Mute or even Exit group conversation from web version (Screenshot below).

How to create WhatsApp Web group ?

Now you can create WhatsApp group even from WhatsApp Web directly and add group picture.

  1. Log into WhatsApp Web
  2. Click on 3 dots for more options (screenshot below)
  3. Click on New group from options
  4. Add group icon from computer and enter Name for group
  5. Add participant from new group chat
  6. You are done creating new group
New Group WhatsApp Web

How to Manage WhatsApp Web group ?

If you have added a group, you can also manage the group. Just follow these simple steps to manage any group:

  1. Log into WhatsApp Web
  2. Go to any group chat conversion
  3. Click on down arrow (screenshot below) icon appearing on group chat
  4. You will get options as Archive chat, Mute, Exit group

If group is already in Mute state, then it will show cancel mute instead.

Manage Groups with WhatsApp Web

Note and Conclusion:

WhatsApp Web is improving day after day, I guess there will be complete web application console for WhatsApp which doesn’t required any smartphone for scanning QR code. Meanwhile, we also have an article on accessing WhatsApp on PC without smartphone.

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