How to login and use new WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

After I read the news in morning about WhatsApp web, I though of giving it a try. I was using my Android phone to read news updates. I got the link of WhatsApp web and tried to access it from mobile phone. But I was not successful as WhatsApp web is only supported for Google Chrome browser.

Then I got up and tried using on to my laptop on Google Chrome browser. And here I was able to access the WhatsApp Web and also had some conversation with my friend. And yes, its working awesome with really great interface just like a WhatsApp mobile.

Now I am sharing the steps and pre-requisite needed for WhatsApp Web:

Pre-requiste for WhatsApp web:

  1. You need to have Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.
  2. You need to update WhatsApp mobile with latest release (they have included QR code scanner in updated version).
  3. You need a stable Wi-Fi connection connected to both Mobile and Desktop machine.
WhatsApp Web QR code scan

Steps for how to use WhatsApp Web:

  1. Open on Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now using you WhatsApp on mobile, scan the QR code displayed on laptop or desktop machine. (QR Scanner option “WhatsApp Web” is available on right soft key or in settings menu)
  3. Once scanning is completed, WhatsApp mobile messages and all the data will be automatically synchronized with web interface.
  4. Do NOT disconnect WhatsApp mobile and WhatsApp web, as continuous network connection is needed.

Note and Conclusion:

You need to keep connected both the devices (laptop or machine and mobile phone) with Wi-Fi to reduce data usage.

Overall, WhatsApp web is great thumb-up for the people who are continuously use laptops or desktop machines. They dont have look into mobile to check there message every time.

But, WhatsApp still not able to satisfy the users without smartphones. But we have a detailed article were you can use WhatsApp on PC without smartphone connection.

Recently, I found out that WhatsApp for Web will help to check whether you are blocked by any contact.

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