How to Lock Whatsapp Messages with Password

Add Password to WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn’t have any inbuilt security feature nor its supports password protection to make your WhatsApp messages private. Add password authentication and ensure added privacy to your WhatsApp messages. Adding password for your WhatsApp will add double security to it in addition to phone’s password and lock pattern. It would act like Gmail’s two step authentication for WhatsApp by enabling pin or password to access your WhatsApp messenger. Let us learn how to make your WhatsApp secure by adding password authentication feature to it.

To secure your WhatsApp with password you will need additional Android apps. Although there are many Android apps claiming to be best, two most popular apps(based on their reviews and download) are Lock for Block for WhatsApp protect msg by Bunny Labs and Lock for WhatsApp by Sweet Sugar. Both the apps are free and you can download it from Google play store.

Both these apps are easy to use. Download and install any of the app on your Android device. For this tutorial we will use WhatsApp Keep privacy by Bunny Labs. After installation, it will ask you to register pin or password or lock pattern. You can also customize auto-lock time for this app so that you don not have to lock manually everytime. And the best part, if anyone tries to see your WhatsApp messages and enter a wrong pin. Your phone’s front camera will take a picture of the intruder and will the save the image in the photo gallery automatically.

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