How To Link 2 Phone Numbers Over A Single WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp is cross-platform mobile messaging app which enable you to connect with your friends with no extra cost included. It basically allows you to share images and messages without having pay for SMS. Nowadays WhatsApp is available in almost all devices such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia providing exciting features to communicate with your friends by sharing photographs,videos, also you can create groups where you can chat with more than one friends on a single window screen. At present, almost everyone is using more than one mobile number which they may use on different devices and therefore requirement for more than one WhatsApp falls which becomes very difficult for the user to manage so manyWhatsApp account at a time.There are a variety of applications available on Android market that provides you with the capability to manage two or more mobile numbers on a single WhatsApp account on your android device but most of them are paid versions might not be able meet user’s requirement.

How To Link 2 Phone Numbers Over A Single WhatsApp Account

Today, at Gadgec, I am going to discuss with you the coolest android app. ever that allows you to link 2 mobile numbers on your single WhatsApp account. WhatsMore is an add-on account management to make WhatsApp holding more than 1 phone number even on a single-SIM mobile phone.It offers support up to 5 phone numbers to be linked to WhatsApp. It works in the way of time sharing. We can preset a swapping duration in the app. When the auto swapping switch is turned on, the phone numbers are brought to be active in turn, to receive messages. We can tell from the notification bar or the in-app status screen, if there are unread messages on each phone number. With this app – WhatsMore, everyone can benefit from the advantage of having multiple phone numbers, much better than buying traditional dual-SIM phones.

NOTE: Before Starting, you just have to keep in mind that you are doing because you want it. Neither the Author of this post nor the developer is responsible for any kind of data loss on your WhatsApp account because Rooted Android devices are always vulnerable to some data loss.


  • Allow Up to 2 phone numbers to be used with WhatsApp on the same device.
  •  Auto swapping WhatsApp accounts in a user preset interval.
  • Show notifications when swapping WhatsApp accounts.
  •  Show notifications if there are unread messages of swapped out WhatsApp accounts.
  •  Launch any inactive WhatsApp account from within WhatsMore.
  • Perform auto recovery upon the App starts (or the phone starts up) if the previous swapping process is interrupted. (ie. Power off, reboot of the mobile phone, upgrade from the play store).

How To Link 2 Phone Numbers Over A Single WhatsApp Account [Set Up Procedure]:

Step 1 : Install WhatsMore

To install this application, you just have to click on the link provided at the bottom of this post.

Step 2: Set Up Configuration

1. Make sure the WhatsApp is properly registered with phone number 1. 2. Start WhatsMore and swipe to the tab – Manage Profiles. 3. Click the [import] button on the bottom of the screen. 4. Input a profile name when prompted for. 5. After import success, you can see the button on the bottom of the screen has the label changed. It should read ‘Prepare WhatsApp for a new registraion’. 6. Click the [prepare] button and you will get a warning dialog. 7. Click [Continue] and wait for the process to be finished. 8. Turn off the phone and swap the SIM cards of phone number 1 and 2. 9. Start WhatsApp 10. Go through the WhatsApp registration procedure using the phone number 2. 11. Make sure the new phone number 2 is working on the WhatsApp. 12. Start WhatsMore and swipe to the tab – Manage Profiles. 13. Click the [import] button on the bottom of the screen. 14. Input a profile name when prompted for. 15. Swipe to the tab – Status.

After doing the above steps, you should see 2 phone icons on the status tab.

For your convenience, I am providing you the direct link to download and install WhatsMore. You just need to click on the download link given below :


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