How to know if they have blocked you on WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger

New technologies have changed the way we relate to each other, and the instant messaging

is a key piece in this whole transition. We just call by phone, and just send a simple message to get the information we want to our interlocutor.

But just as we suffered when someone did not answer our calls, now we know what it is to feel anxiety when that person leaves us in read or directly we suspect that he has blocked us in WhatsApp or other apps. But how can we know for sure that has blocked us in one of these applications? Let’s see some indications that can help us to know.

How to know if I have been blocked on WhatsApp

Let’s start with the most used messaging application of all: WhatsApp. Before we start we have to make it clear that there is no exact way to know if they have blocked us, but there are some clues that can help us almost take it for granted.

The connection time

If we have established the function that allows us to see the time of connection of our contacts and that by default they can see ours, it could be a blocking symptom that we can not see suddenly a contact that until now we could (that is to say that it does not have established in the adjustments of privacy not to show it). This can be a test but it is not conclusive, since that person could have changed the adjustments at any time, but if we add it to the ones that we are going to see next, it could be a case of blocking .

Messages that never come

WhatsApp has a system that lets us know if our contact has received and even if he has read the message (the famous blue check). two popcorn transparent next to it, so if we see that time passes and there is only one popcorn, it is that the contact has received the message on his mobile (not necessarily that he has read it). possible that they have blocked us.

We do not see the profile picture

Another one of these blocking symptoms is given with the profile picture. If suddenly we stopped seeing the photo of that contact and in its place we found nothing more than an empty avatar, it is possible that either the photo has been removed or that we simply do not want to be contacted anymore (especially if we add this to the two previous steps).

Neither voice calls nor add to groups

We are going with two almost conclusive proofs that we have been blocked. On the one hand, we try to make a voice call to that contact (we click on the green icon of the phone in WhatsApp in the contact profile) and if it is impossible to establish connection it is quite safe that it has blocked us.

  • How to know if they have blocked you on WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger

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The same thing happens if we try to add this contact to a group. We can do the test by creating a group and trying to add it to the “add participant” option. If the application answers that an error has occurred and you do not have authorization to add that person, it is quite clear: the chances of being blocked are very high.

How to know if I have been blocked in Telegram

WhatsApp and Telegram have many differences but also a lot of similarities, so the way to know if they have blocked us is practically identical to WhatsApp. We can not see the connection time, nor the profile picture and of course, our messages will not arrive either and the popcorn will remain forever in one. In addition, we can not add our contact to groups or make voice calls.

How to know if they have blocked me on Facebook Messenger

We are going with the last of the most used instant messaging applications since becoming independent of Facebook. But despite being different applications, if someone blocks us in Messenger, it will also on Facebook and vice versa, since there is no option to choose only one of the two.

So, to find out if someone has blocked us, what we will have to do is search your information on Facebook if your profile does not appear in our search, it has clearly blocked us, although it could be the case that the account has been deleted To make sure if it is that or not, we can ask someone to try to find that person on Facebook and if the contact appears, it is clear that he has blocked us.

Another piece of information is in the Messenger application itself, if we keep a conversation with that person and when we enter we see that we can not send messages and that the application tells us that the person is not receiving messages at the moment is again another clear symptom that that person does not want us to contact her.

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