How to know if someone checked your whatsapp profile

how to check who checked my whatsapp profile

:  Most of us use well know messaging app, which is whatsapp. WhatsApp has climbed up the ranks in the messaging industry and very popular around the world. Many users across all ages, races and locations are locked in on finding out how they can find who has been checking out their profiles.

The big question is that how to get know …’ who checked your whatsapp profile ‘ ?

Every one change DP and update status , Someone changes regularly and excited about who checks their DP and status… But that’s not possible with official whatsapp application.

This method is working well in Android. I tried this methods and I got a list of my friends who visited my WhatsApp profile picture and status. I confirmed from them about their activity and find positive results about this.

Application that i am going to suggest you guys is not available on playstore , but it is available for download and free to use.

With this application you can simply get known who checks your profile on whatsapp.

Who viewed my profile- whatsapp ?

Step-1 : Download an app called whatsapp- who viewed me? As i said earlier, for knowing the person who viewed your profile, you have to download an app called ” WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me? ”

Step-2 : Open and approve the app Install the application manually and open it. Approve all the basic warnings given by the application.

Step-3 : Hit on Scan button Now, you need to hit the scan button which is available in the home screen itself.

Step-4 : Wait for list to load up It might take a while to load the list and when it is done, you can see the people who visited your profile in last 24 hours.

Is that Harmful ?

Not at all. This application is not harmful and doesn’t track any of your details on your smartphone.

This is an simple way of knowing who viewed you whatsapp profile. we hope this guide of ” how to check who checked my whatsapp profile “will helpful for many whatsapp users who always try to know who visited their profile after uploading new DP and status. So try this simple method… and enjoy.

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