How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp (Working 2015)

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp: We’ve seen many ways to check for WhatsApp blocks but some of these ways are not conclusive. The method we will describe in section 2, will tell you with confidence if you are blocked in someone WhatsApp contacts list.

1 – Introduction and Signs of WhatsApp Blockage

Many people have had the not-so-pleasant experienced of being blocked by another person on the very popular WhatsApp application for the iPhone, but it can be difficult to tell with any certainty whether or not you have actually been blocked.

Whether you said something wrong other person or did something else to make a person’s block list on this app, you will definitely want to know for sure if you have been blocked or the person is just ignoring your messages.

1.1 – The first sign of WhatsApp blockage (“last seen at …”)

If someone has blocked you WhatsApp you can no longer see their “last seen at…” as well as their login information or the “online” indicator, which is located in the chat window. This is not conclusive because anyone can disable (hide) the Last Seen Timestamp on WhatsApp settings making it invisible for anyone in his contacts.

While all of these things are indications that you may have been blocked by someone, none of them are absolutely definitive. If you are not seeing the person’s “Last seen at…” info, it could just mean that they disabled it so nobody can see it.

1.2 – The second sign of WhatsApp blockage (“number of check marks …”)

Try sending a message to any contact that has blocked you and it will show one check mark (meaning the message has been sent), but the second check mark (which tells you that your message has been delivered) will not show up.

Seeing two check marks means that the message was sent and delivered to the person; if you do not see both check marks, the person never received the message, possibly because they blocked you.

1.3- The third sign of WhatsApp blockage (“profile picture update”)

The contact profile picture doesn’t change .. If you are blocked for someone in WhatsApp his / her profile picture change will not update in your screen (the same happens with status). If you have a mutual friend that is not blocked to the person you want to know if blocked you so you can verify it.

These are the first things people try when they are trying know if someone blocked them but they are not 100% conclusive. The next methods are probably the most reliable way to see if you are blocked on someone’s WhatsApp.

2 – Effective Method to see if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

  • Alternative 1: add the contact to a group. If you get this message “you are not authorized to add this contact”. I have no doubts, you’re blocked by this person.
  • Alternative 2: get another phone or buy a new SIM card with a new number and try to add the person. If you see a different profile picture, a different status of if you start a chat and then you see double check marks you got your final answer.

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