How to Install WhatsApp on Wi-Fi Android Tablet (Without SIM Card)

WhatsApp is without a doubt one of the most popular instant messaging application around the world. This app allowed people to send tons message, picture and video with their friend and family using internet connection.

It also allows people to make a phone call to their WhatsApp contact, basically for free and that only makes WhatsApp become more popular than ever.

The whole thing of downloading and installing WhatsApp in Android device is very easy and simple. What people need to do is download the app from Google Play Store for free, and install it in their device.

All the process will be completed in matter of minutes. WhatsApp will ask for a phone number as part of the verification process, and when it’s all done, people can start chat with their WhatsApp contact.

This app is basically can be installed in any device including tablet. But since it need phone number verification, meaning that the device should have a SIM Card slot, then what about an Android Wi-Fi tablet that doesn’t have any SIM card slot.

Do people can still use it for WhatsApp? If the answer is YES, then how do people pass the whole phone number verification part, since it doesn’t have a slot?

No need to worry though, because anyone who have a Wi-Fi tablet without SIM Card slot still able to use WhatsApp in it. How to do it? As long as people has a phone with SIM card in it, then the whole process of installing and using WhatsApp in Wi-Fi tablet is a breeze.

Here is a simple and easy guide on how to do exactly that:

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