How To Install WhatsApp++ On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Hello friends, In this tutorial we will guide you to install WhatsApp Watusi to your iPhone and iPad. You can install WhatsApp Watusi without any jailbreak. Now you may confused WhatsApp free to install available in Apple AppStore and what is WhatsApp Watusi. Let me explain about it. We all know that Facebook-owned WhatsApp now. It can use for call and message to your friends who are in contact list.


WhatsApp Watusi app is first made for jailbroken iOS devices. It was more popular because, It designed with more additional functionality such as call recorder, disabling the typing indicator, and entirely removing delivery receipts. There are more functionality built in. you can try this WhatsApp Watusi and see what features are available. Of course it work with non-jailbroken iOS device.

Step 1: To get install WhatsApp Watusi app to your non- Jailbroken iOS device, you need to grab latest WhatsApp Watusi IPA. You can download Latest IPA from here.

Step 2: I hope you have WhatsApp Watusi IPA on your computer. Now you need to follow the process to get install WhatsApp Watusi to your iOS device. To get this done, there are couple of methods to achieve it. If you are using Mac then you can follow Official method with Xcode 7. If you are windows user, you can install IPA using Cydia Impactor. You can found both ways from below links.

  • Sideload iOS Apps Without Jailbreak Using Xcode 7 To iPhone and iPad
  • Sideload iOS Apps On Windows, Mac With Cydia Impactor Without Jailbreak

Step 3: Hope you have slideloaded/ Installed app on your iOS device. Now you probably, tried to launch it and app got crashed and disappointed with it. You can fix it easily. First launch Setting on the device and navigate to General > Profiles & Device Management. ( Note that on some devices this may just be listed under Profiles.)

Step 4: You can Tap on The profile that has been installed alongside the Watusi app. This will bring up information about that profile as well as a big Trust button in the middle. Tap that and confirm the action.

Step 5: Now you are done. You can use it as like normal app with more WhatsApp features.

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