How To Install WhatsApp on iPad (without jailbreak)

As we all know, whatsapp is an incredible app to connect your friends all over world. It lets you send messages to your friends, or to groups of friends, over Wi-Fi or 4G, thereby saving on your phone bill (although you may still end up paying for the data if you go over your limit!). WhatsApp has over one billion active users as of now and day by day it’s enhancing it’s features to make the communication more easier among the users. Earlier we have seen the articles to use whatsapp on iphone, here we are going see how to install whatsapp on iPad.

how to install whatsapp on ipad

We knew the pain of iPad users when they come to know that whatsapp is only available for iphones. That’s why cydiabuzz is going to provide you an easy way to install whatsapp on iPad.

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Requirements to install whatsapp on iPad:

  1. Windows or MAC system
  2. Cydia Impactor
  3. WhatsPad.ipa (It’s a modified version of WhatsApp with additional features & support for iPads/iPods.)
  4. Latest version of iTunes for windows

How to install whatsapp on iPad:

  1. First we need to update iTunes to latest version. Please check here for latest version.
  2. Fire up your web browser and download Cydia Impactor. Download the Windows version or Mac OS X version according to your operating system.
  3. Connect your ipad to PC with MAC or Windows + iTunes using USB
  4. Extract the previously downloaded Cydia Impactor package and save them safely on your machine.
  5. Now from the files extracted, right click on Impactor.exe file i.e Cydia impactor executable file and launch it.
  6. If you are Windows user just click on Run, don’t Run as Administrator. Doing this makes Drag and Drop of files not work on Windows 10.
  7. Once launched Cydia Impactor will detect your devices connected, select your device from drop-down.
  8. Download IPA file of whatsapp for ipad using below link and keep it in your pc.

WhatsPad++ IPA

      9. Now drag your .iPA files to be installed and drop in Cydia impactor window.

whatsapp ipad

10. It will ask for sign in with the developer account Apple ID. You can sign in with free developer account or full              developer account. If you use free Apple developer account ID, app certificate will expire in 7 days. You have to            repeat the process again after a week. So use full Apple Developer account ID to ensure the certificate remain                valid for one year. So, enter valid Apple ID and password and click on OK.

whatsapp for ipad

11. Cydia Impactor will fetch the related certificates, digitally sign the IPA file and install it. It will take some time              so wait for the completion of installation.

12. Once installation completed, you can see app icon on home screen. Now go to Settings –> General –>                      Profiles & Device Management and Trust the app.

That’s it ! you have successfully installed whatsapp on ipad. Let’s enjoy by using it.

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Please try installing normal version of whatsapp, if you observe any issues with the modified  version on your ipad after installation. please find below download link for normal version of the whatsapp for iPad

Download Whatsapp

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