How to install WhatsApp on iPad or Android tablet

Today we are guiding you on how to download WhatsApp for iPad Mini

. WhatsApp is a messaging app which is currently being used by almost everyone who has got a SmartPhone or a computer. The reason behind this is because it is offering the best platform where one can go a message people for free. The best thing about WhatsApp is that it doesn’t consume much of your data.

People who do not share heavy files are lucky because they use very little data even while chatting the whole day. And this is one thing which has made WhatsApp become that app that everyone wants to have. We know you want to have this app on your iPad and that is why we are kind enough to give you.

Features of WhatsApp for iPad Mini

  • Unlimited internet
  • Take photos, videos and share with people
  • Send voice message
  • Has a clear interface
  • Insert a wallpaper of your choice
  • Create a group and add people to discussion
  • It synchronizes your phone contacts
  • Easy to connect with people
  • You can be able to tell the status of a message whether sent or not
  • You update your status
  • Control who sees your profile picture

The features are more than this, and so you can enjoy using WhatsApp for iPad at any given time. You just keep in touch with people who matters to you. WhatsApp is currently being used by 1billion people across the world. And for sure you can tell by the number of people who use this app. They are many, and evidence is in those people who use smartphones and PC on the same among other devices such as iPad. WhatsApp is available for different phones such as all androids, Java, IOS, Symbian among others. Though WhatsApp is not available for iPad, we can still show you how to download it and make good use of it. As you know, this is a free app for the first one year. After that young will be required to buy but at a very low rate. I think it is just a small token of love to these guys.

Download WhatsApp for iPad Mini – Requirements

  • Ifunbox for Windows computer or Mac
  • iPhonePC
  • Internet
  • USB cable
  • Your iPad and iPhone must be charged

How to install WhatsApp on an iPad

  • The first step which you will need to take is getting your iPhone and download WhatsApp
  • After that have it installed there in?
  • Go to the user’s apps and click on WhatsApp
  • Close the windows and go to your desktop.
  • Create a new folder where you will copy and paste all library and document folders
  • Go to this link and click on  WhatsApp.IPA
  • Copy the file and paste it into the folder which you created on the desktop
  • After that get your iPad and USB cable and connect it to your PC
  • Open I-Funbox and go to install apps and choose WhatsApp.ipa file
  • After that installation will take place and within a short while you will be ready to use WhatsApp on iPad
  • Go to the folder you created on the desktop and delete it and disconnect your iPad from the PC

How to download WhatsApp for iPad Without Jailbreak

Finally, you can now enjoy using your WhatsApp on Ipad Mini as much as you can. Installation is that simple. Many people have not known the secret of installing WhatsApp on iPad Mini, but today you can surprise. This method is simple, and you do not need to call anyone for help instead just contact us, and we will sort you out with the help that you need.Also read: Whatsapp for PC

Now you know what to do when you buy iPad mini, and you are wondering how you can install WhatsApp. As we always say; remember to share this post with people out there and help them download WhatsApp for Ipad Mini.

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