How to Install WhatsApp Messenger on your Mac or MacBook

Have you ever wanted to be able to chat with or send a message to your friends and loved ones while at work? I bet you do and with the free messaging applications from your smart phones this has become a reality.

I am sure that not many people are aware that there is viber on PC and MAC, perhaps even you who are reading this article is not aware of it’s existence. But nope, that’s not what this article is all about, if you want to download Viber on your computer, you can just go to their website and install it.

Now here’s the challenge, not all of your friends prefer Viber, some may want or have installed WhatsApp, and you badly need to message them. But you cannot use your smartphone while at work, it is prohibited by the bureaucrats in your company because it will make you unproductive. No worries, because I found a way to install it on my computer specifically on my MacBook Pro and I thought of sharing it with you.

Unlike Viber, WhatsApp does not have a desktop version of their application but thanks to the android emulator called bluestacks, Whatsapp is now readily available and can already be installed on your MAC or PC.

Using this we can install smartphone applications on our computers.

Let’s do this.

Step 1. Go to and download the version that is appropriate for your computer (Windows or MAC) 2. Install the file. 3. Once installed, there will be but a few choices of applications that you can use. But we are lucky enough to have facebook and twitter Note that if you search WhatsApp, nothing will show up

Update: A miracle just happened you can now search within the application and install it directly! In case the search shows nothing follow steps 5-9

10. Follow the setup process 11. The auto verification will not work through bluestacks. You have to try it twice and it will give you an option to the voice or call verification 12. You should get a call and it will give you the code.

Note: You cannot use it from your phone and computer at the same time, you can only use one at a time. If you prefer to switch you have to go through the annoying verification process again and again.

If my writing style confused you or somehow was not that clear , Here’s a video that might be easier for you to follow!

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