How to Install WhatsApp for iPad without Jailbreak

WhatsApp is a smartphone messenger which is becoming exceedingly popular for sending text and voice messages, audio and video files to friends and family. Although it is a rave with smartphone users, it is not a native application for the iPad!

It is not a direct download from the App Store, for iPad users. So here’s a technique which illustrates how to install whatsapp for iPad without jailbreak (all gens).

Don’t freak out! It is completely safe.


  • An iPhone (anything between 4- 5S)
  • iFunBox for your PC ( Mac/Windows)
  • WhatsApp Installation File (.IPA File)

Note: To get the .IPA file, go to the iTunes Store. Type WhatsApp. Go to the icon, click it. Click on Download.

Once downloaded, go to your PC. Open Libraries and follow the path. Music->iTunes->iTunes Media->Mobile Applications. Look for WhatsApp .IPA file.

How to Install WhatsApp for iPad without Jailbreak

  • On the iPhone, download and install the WhatsApp Messenger. It is 23.8 MB free download for iPhone. Even if you have WhatsApp Messenger, delete the application and re-install it.
  • Set up WhatsApp. This would require you to register a phone number. The same number you are going to use on the iPad.
  •  Connect your iPhone to the PC and open iFunBox. Click on the first tab, iFunBox Classic. In the right pane click ‘User Applications’. Go to the WhatsApp tab.
  •  Double clicking on the WhatApp icon will open a Thumbnail View.
  • Select the folders and drag them to the desktop to copy them.
  • Disconnect the iPhone, and connect the iPad.
  • In the iFunBox, go to the Install App button, browse to get the WhatsApp Installation File (.IPA File) and install it.
  •  Double click the WhatsApp icon that you now have under the User Applications of the iPad. Drag and drop the files that you had stored on the desktop (Step 5), and replace the existing files.

Note: Only replacing Documents and Library would be necessary and sufficient. To be sure, replace all the files!

That’s pretty much it! You now have WhatsApp application on your iPad. Start using it to message your friends as usual!

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