How to install and use whatsapp on PC or laptop

How to install and use whatsapp on PC or laptop

: Managing multiple conversation at same time is possible on your smartphone , but there are times when typing away on a full keyboard and viewing messages on a full size computer screen would be better.

And also some of whatsapp users wants to use whatsapp on their desktop or laptop , so to fulfill this demand we gives you the best possible way of using whatsapp on your desktop or laptop.

WhatsApp offers two different ways for using its service on a computer : WhatsApp Web or desktop apps for Windows and OS.    ( using BlueStack )

So let’s check out two methods to install and use whatsapp from your PC or computer.

Method-1 : Using Whatsapp web

  • WhatsApp web was released officially by WhatsApp developer after seeing the craze for the app among the app users. WhatsApp web doesn’t require any installation on the PC, so you are saved from installing any emulator to run the app.
  • WhatsApp web isn’t a standalone app, but an interface where WhatsApp messages from your smartphone will be synched with the PC.
  • By using this service you can use your entire whatsapp account from your PC, you can do whatever you do with your smartphone while using whatsapp. You can simply reply people’s from your PC and see messages you received.

Here is only requirement is that you need connect your smartphone to the internet as well as to your computer. Without the internet connection, WhatsApp web can’t sync messages from your phone.

Follow the simple steps :

Step-1 : Go to following link from your PC. Check the box “ keep me signed in .”

Open WhatsApp on your phone. Tap on three dots (right side) if you are on Windows Phone. Tap the recent key if you are on Android. If you have any other phone, refer the image below which shows ways to access.

Select WhatsApp web from the option. You will see a Scan QR code screen. Tap on OK got it button.

Step-2 : Now simply scan QR code from whatsapp web screen from your PC.

Once the phone successfully scans the QR code, you will see your contacts and incoming messages displayed on your PC screen.

Note that :- Here you can only view the incoming and outgoing messages after scanning the QR code. So, there is no option to have a look at the previous messages.

Method-2 : using BlueStack

BlueStack is awesome emulator for PC which allows you to handle almost all Android applications from your PC.

To use whatsapp on your PC : Follow simple steps –

Step-1 : Simply open BlueStack and type whatsapp in search bar which is inbuilt in BlueStack.

Now you need to register on WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp and enter your mobile number, then tap to get the verification code by SMS.

Enter the verification code you receive through SMS and complete the registration. You can also use call feature to get the verification code. ( in case the SMS verification fails )

Step-2 : How to add contacts to whatsapp Since you don’t have your SIM card in your Laptop or PC, you need to export all your contacts from the smartphone to Bluestacks as a vCard file (vcf).

After doing this, you can add contacts to WhatsApp in PC.

Simply paste this (vcf) file in C:Program/Data/BlueStacks/User/Data/SharedFolder ….after doing all steps now you can use whatsapp on your PC.

So this are the two simple ways to use whatsapp from your PC. We hope this article of  ” How to install and use whatsapp on PC or laptop will helpful for you guys.

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