How to Install and Setup WhatsApp Web for PC Using an iPhone

There is more reason to smile as WhatsApp has finally added the iPhone to the list of devices or platforms that WhatsApp Web supports.

WhatsApp and Apple have finally found a way of setting up WhatsApp Web for PC using an iPhone, something that was deemed impossible due to what was then referred to as “Apple platform limitations.” This however did not deter WhatsApp for iPhone users from accessing the services of WhatsApp Web on their desktops. There are a variety of third party apps such as WhatsApp Web Enabler, jailbreaks and other tweaks that made it possible for iPhone users to access the services of WhatsApp on the Web via their laptops and desktops. This was the only way these users could enable this functionality on their iPhones.

The first thing you need to make sure is you have updated to the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS via the iTunes App Store. Furthermore, ensure that your phone is connected to the internet all throughout. On your desktop, download and install the latest version of Safari web browser.

Alternatively, you can use the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Opera web browsers. Once you have all of the above in place, go ahead and follow the below steps in setting up WhatsApp Web on your desktop using your iPhone.

With any of your installed web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera), go the page at using your PC. A QR code will show up on this page. On your iPhone, start the WhatsApp application and tap on the Settings tab.

Enabling and disabling WhatsApp desktop notifications

To mute WhatsApp Web desktop notifications, say for an hour, a day or maybe a week, select the menu icon and choose “Notifications.” Click on the down arrow that shows up in the Notifications dialogue box and from here, select “Turn off alerts and sounds for…” Follow this by selecting the period you want the notifications to remain muted.

If you use a shared PC, it is very essential that you log out of WhatsApp Web once done. In your phone’s WhatsApp settings, WhatsApp Web will be listed as logged in. To stop this client, just tap on the “Log out from all computers” and then select “Log out.”

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