How To Hide Your Whatsapp Chatting In Public Transport Or Public Place?

How To Hide Your Whatsapp Chatting In Public Transport Or Public Place?

➛ We don’t like to show our private whatsapp chat to other people in public transport like bus or train. But some people have bad habit to look at other’s mobile phone to see their personal things. Here I will show you a trick by using it you can easily hide your private whatsapp chatting in public place.

➛ All you need to do is download Maskchat application in your android mobile phone.

➛ Maskchat will hide your screen portion which you don’t want to show to other people. Open your application and select a theme given by application or you can also use your own theme by selecting from your mobile phone.

➛ After selecting your favorite theme minimize this application and you can see a symbol as shown in bellow image. Click on it so it will hide your screen by your selected theme. You can hide screen portion according to your requirement.

➛ If you don’t found bellow symbol then make sure that your permissions Display pop-up window is enabled in your setting. Normally MI android phone users need to enable this permission manually.

➛ Now it will hide your whatsapp screen as shown in bellow image. You can increase or decrease theme length size to hide particular screen portion.

➛ You can also adjust theme transparency if you want to make your screen difficult to watch by other person.

✶ Mobile Curtain:-

➛ Mobile curtain is also another app to hide your mobile screen during whatsapp chatting. Download this application in your android phone then open it. Then click on bellow green button as shown by red arrow mark to start it.

➛ It provides some advance feature like you can whatsapp chat with others without saving their whatsapp number as shown in bellow image.

➛ Download and try both the above applications and use which you like more. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends. Subscribe my blog to get new article via email address.

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