How to Hide WhatsApp Status and Profile Picture on iPhone

These days confidentiality is a serious problem, people are breaking privacy by using profile pictures of innocent girls and boys. Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype like platforms are most famous for getting real pictures. Profile picture thieves use them on their fake profiles and also edit them to use those pictures on their websites. Same thing happens in the case of WhatsApp status, people don’t use them but they can use your status message to know about your current activity and that can put you in serious consequences like robbery or anything worse than that. I normally advise my friends to avoid putting status on WhatsApp that can reveal their current lives’ activities, for example, a status like “Going to Hyde park with friends, catch me if you can” this kind of status is telling others about your location.

How to Hide your WhatsApp Status and Profile Picture on iPhone

Moreover, sometimes you don’t want some annoying people to know that you’re Online or not. To get rid of these guys you should remove the default “Available” status messages from your WhatsApp. If you have trusted people in your contacts list then you can reveal your WhatsApp status and profile picture in front of them but you must hide this information from people you don’t know. By default, WhatsApp shows your profile picture and status message to everyone using WhatsApp, you have to disable this feature by yourself otherwise you’re exposing yourself in front of the World.

You can use Pingzic’s collection of WhatsApp status messages if you don’t want to hide it from anyone, these kinds of messages don’t reveal anything about you and can make your WhatsApp experience more joyful. In case of profile picture or DP, you can take any scenery or any other picture from internet and put it on your profile. I’d also recommend you to hide your last seen and read receipts, it can also protect your privacy from annoying contacts.

I’m going to share a simple method to hide profile picture and WhatsApp status from people you don’t know, you must do it now if you are sharing some serious information on your profile.

Compatible iOS Devices:

  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • iOS 9x
  • iOS 8x
  • iOS 7x

1: Go to your WhatsApp application and open “Settings”, see the picture.

WhatsApp Settings

2: Tap on “Account” option and then follow “Privacy” button.

WhatsApp Account Option iOS
WhatsApp Privacy iOS

3: On this screen you can see the second and third options of “Profile Photo” and “Status”

Profile Photo and Status Configuration WhatsApp

4: Open both options one by one and set them to “My Contacts” if you want to show your profile picture to your contacts only and to hide them from everyone, choose “Nobody” from the options. You’re done.

Show WhatsApp DP to nobody or only contacts
Show WhatsApp Status to nobody or only contacts

Now only selective people or nobody will be able to see your profile picture and WhatsApp status.

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