How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Time on Android and iPhone

With the latest update, WhatsApp (2.11.186) comes with an in-built feature that enables users to hide WhatsApp last seen time stamp. Users can hide their last seen time for their WhatsApp profile without installing any additional software or app.

Let us learn how to hide WhatsApp last seen timestamp. You will need the latest version of WhatsApp (2.11.186) to use this feature.

Step 1

Open you WhatsApp on your phone and go to WhatsApp Settings. Under WhatsApp Settings click Account and then select Privacy.


Step 2

Under Privacy option window you can see two different options:

Who can see my personal info

  1. Last Seen
  2. Profile Photo
  3. Status

Messaging-Blocked Contacts:None (by default it’s none)


Select Last Seen and now you can see three options to hide WhatsApp last seen time. Users can hide WhatsApp last seen time from “Everyone”, “Contacts” or they can select “Nobody.”

Old Method (Using Additional Android App)

Until this update was released, users could not hide “WhatsApp Last Seen” on Android device, by default. To hide “WhatsApp Last Seen” on their Android device, users were forced to install an additional Android app.

The tutorial given below is an old method that uses additional app to hide last seen time on WhatsApp.

In this tutorial, we will use “WhatsApp Last Seen Hide Status” app. You can download this app from Google Play Store for free.

How it works:

  1. Download and install WhatsApp Last Seen Hide Status app from Google Play Store.

    Download Link – WhatsApp Last Seen Hide Status | Google Play

  2. Once installed, start The WhatsApp Last Seen Hide Status app first. Please note that do not launch WhatsApp directly.
  3. Always open the WhatsApp Hide Status app first which will disable WiFi/Data connection on your phone.
  4. Within the app, you can see “Launch Whatsapp” button. Click on the button to launch WhatsApp from within the app.
    Whatsapp last seen time
  5. Use WhatsApp – read all messages, send replies or whatever you wish to do.
  6. Now exit whatsapp and exit the app.
  7. This way other WhatsApp users will not be able to see your last seen time on WhatsApp.

The app disables WiFi/Data connection on your phone whenever you open WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Hide Status app. And when you exit, the network connection is restored automatically and WhatsApp never shows your last seen time.

You can use this app for two purpose, to hide the last seen time and to make your WhatsApp offline. When you make your WhatsApp offline, you will not receive any new message and activity notification until you turn off this app.

To hide WhatsApp Last Seen notification, start the “WhatsApp Last Seen Hide Status” app. Wait for few seconds (3-5) and use your WhatsApp. If you write any message and wish to send it, messages will be sent only when you will leave WhatsApp. Turn off the app to function WhatsApp in normal mode. To make your WhatsApp offline and to disable all new messages notification, simply start the app and it will make your WhatsApp offline. To revert your WhatsApp back to normal mode, simply turn off the app.

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Time on iPhone

Hiding the last seen time on any iPhone is easier than on Android. WhatsApp for iPhone has an inbuilt feature that hides the last seen time automatically if activated. You don’t have to install any extra app.

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