How to Hide WhatsApp Blue Check Mark?

How to Hide WhatsApp Blue Check Mark?:- If you updated WhatsApp to its latest version then I think you are familiar with this new feature of the WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp introduced a new feature which will allow to check you the message you sent to some one is read or not ! This feature of WhatsApp is quite similar to the Facebook’s message seen feature. As we know new features in social networks have some pros and cons, This blue tick or check mark feature can make you trouble if you are in relationship (:-P) but if we think from another point it can be helpful to know that your message is read by the person to whom you was sending a message.

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Whatsapp Check Marks Meaning:

Single Gray Check Mark:

In WhatsApp, Gray check mark is the sign of the message is sent and stored to the WhatsApp servers for delivery to the recipient. This check marks may be because the receiver is disconnected with the internet hence WhatsApp is not able to deliver your message to his/her.

Double Gray Check Marks:

Double or 2 Gray check marks on Whatsapp is the sign of message is successfully sent and deliver to the recipient but still the message is not read by him/her. This gray check marks will not change still receive not opens your conversation.

Double Blue Check Marks:

WhatsApp Recently launched this feature of Double Blue Check Marks, It means Message is successfully sent, delivered and Read by the receiver. If you want to check the status of your sent message then long press on it and then you will see the button of status at the top of the screen.

Here, I have prepared a simple Infographic image of WhatsApp check marks meaning which will help you to understand the meaning of WhatsApp check marks easily.

Now, the question is, How to Hide or Disable this WhatsApp Message Read Blue Tick or Check Mark? Here I came up with the temporary solution which can take your one minute to hide this feature.

How to Hiding / Disable WhatsApp Blue Check Mark?

Update to the WhatsApp latest Version using link and Get Option of Hiding Message Read Receipts Blue Check Marks

#1 Disable Blue Check Mark by disconnecting from The Internet:

When message from someone come and you don’t want blue check mark of read in it then follow 5 simple steps:

1) Do not open revived message.

2) Now go to settings and turn off Mobile data or WiFi connection. (By which you are connected with the internet.)

3) When you successfully disconnect with the internet, Open conversation and read the whole conversation.

4) After reading it, Go back and close WhatsApp Messenger.

5) Now again connect to the internet and start using WhatsApp.

Important Note: After connecting the internet if you reply to that person, it will show blue check mark again. So try to avoid opening that conversation in case if you don’t want the blue message read check mark. This is not a permanent solution but still you can use it in critical conditions.

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#2 Disable Blue check mark by Popup Notification:

1) For this method, All you need to do is enable the popup notification. 2) To enable popup notification to go to WhatsApp Settings > Notifications > Popup notification 3) There choose “Always show popup” option. 4) That’s it, now you can read WhatsApp messages without read confirmation from being sent to the sender.

How to Hide WhatsApp Blue Check Mark?

So, this is how you can Hide or Bypass the WhatsApp blue check mark and can save your relationship in critical situation ? I hope this guide helped you to find out the solution of your question which you was searching about, Join us to our premium email updates for more helpful articles about android tips and tricks.

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