How To Hide Chats On WhatsApp For Android

Hello Everyone!

Today i am going to show you how to hide chats on WhatsApp, This works only for Android devices so if you are an Iphone user then i am sorry.

We all know about WhatsApp Plus just incase if you didn’t know then WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp with many features such as hiding last seen status, hiding blue ticks, changing themes, having custom privacy settings so you can hide blue ticks and double ticks for specific contacts and lots more the features are more than 30 i can say.

With the latest update from WhatsApp Plus, it introduced an amazing feature hide chats on WhatsApp and making them completely invisible from everyone else. It allows you to hide and set a passcode so that even if someone wants to access your hidden chats he/she can’t. Plus knowing where to press in order to access your hidden chats on WhatsApp can be tricky as well.

The version we are going to use is GBWhatsApp ,meaning you will be able to install it along side official WhatsApp or WhatsApp plus but if you want to run your main number on it then simple clear data on those app and verify your number on GBWhatsApp but you will lose chats. Other than that GBWhatsApp is just like WhatsApp plus.

So without wasting much time let’s get started

1: First of all download GBWhatsAPP from the link below

Download From MediaFire

2: Once downloaded, install and verify your number.

3: You will be presented with all your chats and groups

4: Long press on the chat that you wish to hide and hit the 3 dots on the top right and selected the hide option

5: Now it will ask you to set a passcode ,just set a passcode and choose a question to answer just in case you forget your passcode

6: Now the chat will be disappeared from your main chat screen

7: Now to access your hidden chat ,click on the top left right below the WhatsApp text and enter your passcode

8: You will see all your hidden chats ,to restore any chat back just long press on the chat again and hit the 3 dots on the top right and select “Mark Chat As Visible”

All the restored chat will then be visible on your main chat screen. So this is how to hide chats on WhatsApp on the latest version of WhatsApp plus.

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