How to Have Duplicate WhatsApp Account on One Android Phone

Do you know you can have duplicate WhatsApp account on one Android phone?

Do you know you can simultaneously chat on two messenger app using same phone?

Duplicate WhatsApp account tutorial

Having multiple accounts for almost everything is one aspect of human nature that seems not to change. For one reason or the other people want to have duplicate WhatsApp account, multiple Facebook account, and even duplicate gaming account. While some Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. allows you to login to your other accounts after you log out of your first account. Apps like WhatsApp doesn’t.

Most of us use separate numbers for work and home and would like as such to have separate WhatsApp accounts.

Not everybody likes logging out of their social media account just because they want to log into the other account. What if I tell you there is a way you can have duplicate WhatsApp account, stay logged in in your two Facebook or Twitter accounts without having to log out of one before you can login into the other? With the help of an app called Parallel Space you can do all that and even more.

Parallel Space allows you to use a single app with different accounts, install and hide app from prying eyes, with Parallel Space you can also use different gaming accounts.

For the sake of this article we will be focusing on doing this for WhatsApp.

1. The first thing to do is to install Parallel Space app from the play store with your android phone. After you must have installed the app, open it and some slides will be shown to you letting you know what you can do with the Parallel Space app. Tap on “Start”.

Parallel Space start screen

2. As the Parallel Space app opens up, you will be presented with a page where you can start doing your cloning. This is the page where you can have your duplicate WhatsApp account, or any other apps you wish to clone in Parallel Space. Virtually every app you have on your device support this cloning. But since we are dealing with WhatsApp in this article we will select WhatsApp.

Cloning WhatsApp on Parallel Space

3. After selecting WhatsApp, you will see that WhatsApp has been added to the home screen of Parallel Space app along with a message saying “tap to open WhatsApp and sign in your second account”. As you can see in the screenshot above I selected WhatsApp and other apps as well.

4. The next thing to do is to open the cloned WhatsApp app and create your duplicate WhatsApp account (same way you create WhatsApp accounts). And that is it. You now have duplicate WhatsApp account on your single device. You can go ahead and have fun while you repeat the process on the apps or games you wish to run multiple accounts on.

WhatsApp account setup

Parallel Space not only allows you have duplicate WhatsApp account, it also allows you run multiple accounts of almost every apps and games on your device as well as bringing separate notifications of the cloned apps. In addition to that, Parallel Space also brings notifications from Google play store. You have the power to either allow these notifications or put them in a do not disturb mode or you can block the notifications entirely.

There are two ways you can access your new duplicate WhatsApp account (or any other app you decided to clone for that matter). You can either access the cloned app by opening your Parallel Space app and clicking on the icon of the app you just cloned or the second option is by creating a shortcut and the cloned app will be displayed on your homescreen, this way you can have both the original and the cloned app on the go without having to access the Parallel Space app. To create this shortcut, you have to “long press” the icon of the cloned app in the Parallel Space app and a “create shortcut” popup will appear, drag the cloned app icon towards that popup and your shortcut will be created.

Double whatsapp Account

Note: You can only make a single clone of the apps installed on your device, which means you can’t have a double clone of a single app.

Apart from making duplicate WhatsApp account or cloning of apps, Parallel Space also offer other incredible features:

Other Important Features of Parallel Space to Protect your Duplicate WhatsApp account or Privacy

Incognito App Installation

Is there any app you want to install on your device but you don’t want people to see it each time they pick your phone? With Parallel Space “Incognito installation” feature you can do this. This feature allows you to install and access apps only from Parallel Space. The apps installed through the incognito feature won’t be listed in your Android homescreen or app drawer, even if you go to the app settings page you won’t see it there. This means your privacy will be secured.

To install an app using the incognito installation feature in Parallel Space, just click the “+” and a page will open for you to search for the app you wish to install and hit install once you find it. As soon as the downloading is completed and the app installed, you will have to uninstall the app from Android, which will ensure it only remains in Parallel Space and can only be accessed via Parallel Space.

Parallel Space Lock Feature

Since you don’t want people to see you incognito apps or duplicate WhatsApp account (or in your case any dual social media accounts you must have created) it is ideal that Parallel Space have lock feature which gives you the option to lock Parallel Space by setting your pattern password. To set up this feature of Parallel Space, just click on the three dot menu button in the top right corner of the main page of Parallel Space and click on “password”.

Parallel Space Task Manager

Another cool feature of the Parallel Space app is the ability to show you how much RAM or storage memory space the apps installed or cloned in Parallel Space are consuming. The Parallel Space Task Manager feature allows you to know the apps that are running in Parallel Space and taking up your device RAM. You can choose to stop these apps to free up RAM space. The storage option lets you in on the amount of memory space consumed by the apps inside Parallel Space.

Parallel Space task manager

With the help of Parallel Space, we can now use multiple social media accounts or gaming account without having the need to log out of one account before we can log into the second account. We can now chat simultaneously on our duplicate WhatsApp account, Facebook, Snapchat, twitter etc. with our friends and families. We can also hide these apps from other people to protect our privacy and it’s all for free.

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