How to hack WhatsApp messages without access to phone

You can find a number of spy tools in the market to finds someone’s WhatsApp messages. Some top spy tools are namely GuestSpy and TheTruthSpy. These require an easy process to hack someone’s WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp is the best messenger app which is used in a huge manner in current time. It can provide instant messaging services, chatting, audio and video calling. There is no need to pay any amount for this messaging service.

How to hack WhatsApp messages without access to phone

How to hack WhatsApp messages without access to phone

Many people want to track their kid’s chatting information, receiving and sending messages and much more. That is why there is need to install any spy application. These spy application such as GuestSpy may help you to hack someone’s WhatsApp message details. Also, it can provide calling, storage information and else to track someone.  You need to perform some actions to get the Whatsapp messages.

The most important task is to have MAC address

Whatsapp messages can be a spoof with the help of MAC address of the device. It is the unique address of the device. This method requires facing some difficulties and needing some technical skills. Also, it is hard to find the MAC address of someone’s device. Without MAC address, the message spoofing is possible. In this term, we are going to get the message information through MAC address.

When you have two devices including same MAC address allowed you to run the same WhatsApp account on different phones. To get someone’s WhatsApp messages on your device take their MAC address. He/she may have different operating systems then it is tough to find the MAC address. Learn how to find MAC address-


You need to follow device then status information and finally WLAN MAC you will find.

Windows phone:

Find the setting option on the device and about and more info. In this section, you can find the MAC address.


Go to setting, then about phone, then status where you can find the WIFI MAC address.


Go to setting option; follow general setting, about the option and the MAC address.

A small navigation on the setting menu can take you to find the MAC address. Put the same MAC address on your device will allow you to get their WhatsApp messages on your device. To decrypt the messages, you need additional software which is called spy apps. The name of spy app we have explained above.

You can find a number of benefits with downloading the spy software on your devices. The great benefits are that the software is GPS enabled that can provide the current location of the device. You can use this option to find the location of kid’s. Someone steals your phone then it can be easily tracked with the help of spy software.

The spy software is also beneficial to get the inbox messages, call history, WhatsApp messages as well their time history. The WhatsApp allow video and audio calling so you can access call duration history. This application is not only for the information purpose but can use as a remote control. It is better to use spy software to keep an eye on your kid.

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