How to go invisible and appear offline in Whatsapp

Whatsapp has estimated 200 to 300 million users globally and handles 18 billion messages per day. This has made a significant loss in cellular messaging system. Whatsapp remains the king of messaging system with texts, photos and videos all for free. I wonder would there be any one in this world who doesn’t know about Whatsapp. If you want to appear offline to all your friends and you want to become invisible on Whatsapp, here is the simple trick.

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WhatShadow is an android app (previously known as Whatsapp Shadow beta) allows you to stay invisible on Whatsapp. You can stay invisible and read all your Whatsapp messages without anybody knowing it.

You can enter Whatsapp, read messages and answer them and stay invisible. You can easily switch between visible and invisible mode in one click. The button to switch between modes is integrated inside Whatsapp messenger. I just tried it and it works flawlessly. It uses the airplane mode trick.

Once you’ve installed the WhatShadow app, open Whatsapp and you could find the whatshadow app is integrated with a red icon. You can switch between red and green icons. When the icon is red, it means you are in hidden state. When you put it in green, you become visible.

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