How to Get More Likes For Your Facebook Page (Two Easy Ways!)


Want to get more “Likes” on your Facebook page?

When you’re first getting started, it’s likely that you’ll be asking your friends to help you out.

Here are two ways you can make it easy for them to like your page:

1. Paste the URL of your Facebook Page into a status update

From your personal profile copy and then paste the URL to your Facebook Page into a status update. Your URL should look something like this:

Once you’ve pasted the URL into the update, Facebook creates a preview at the bottom of the post. At this point, you can erase the URL from the text portion of the update and ask people to “Like” your page.

You’re published post will look like the following and people will be able to easily “Like” your page by clicking the “Like” button.

Constant Contact Facebook URL

2. Tag your page in a status update

Just follow the instructions in the image below to tag your page in a status update.


When the name of the page you’re looking for shows up in the list click it to add it your post.

Your status update with tags will then look like this:

constant conact tagged post

Now all a person has to do is hover over the tagged name. This brings up a box that allows people to click “like” right from the update.

Constant Contact hover

Pretty cool eh? That’s how you get more Facebook “likes” the easy way.

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