How to get emoticons on iPhone 4S

Here in this post we will tell you how to get emotions on iPhone 4S. Here’s the complete details:

The emoticons in iPhone 4S are one of the hidden features of iOS version 5 and it has built-in emoji keyboard which enables you to add smileys, emoji, emoticons or fun characters to your iMessages, Emails or SMS easily. You can all types of emoticons in the “Emoji” keyboard present in iPhone 4S and you can use this for sending text messages with smileys and fun characters. Emoji is a Japanese word which means picture characters inserted to text messages.

The use of Emoticons in iPhone 4S has increased a lot since lot of users is turning to iMessaging and texting for contacting their friends and to stay connected. Emoticons are an excellent way to convey your feelings and emotions to the other person in a simple way and with Emoji keyboard; you can even add detailed pictures. iPhone users get lot of benefit by using emoji keyboard since it can be enabled easily and can be used for texting with smileys and fun characters to depict the emotions of the users. One big advantage is that Emoji keyboard is built-in with iPhone 4S and there is no necessary to purchase or download any 3rd party app.

emoticons on iPhone 4S

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With iOS 5, it is not necessary to download any external App for getting emoticons in your messages. There is in-built Emoji keyboard in iOS 5 and above. All you to do is Go to Settings -> General and select the Keyboard settings option. Now you should school down and search for “International keyboards” where you can select “Add New Keyboard” and choose ‘Emoji” keyboard from the available options. Now go to messaging and after typing the text you want, you can press the spherical button after space bar which has plenty of lines through it.

There is also another messenger App for iPhone called WhatsApp. You can use the emoticons present in this application for your text messaging. With iOS 6, emoticons have been introduced and you can use these in your text messages automatically by upgrading your iPhone 4S to iOS version 6.

Once you have added the Emoji keyboard, you can switch between English to Emoji for adding emoticons to your text messages. You can see that messaging App will be displayed with open keyboard and space bar size will be decreased for International Button which is spherical in shape and present on bottom row of keys. Once you tap this button, it will switch to Emoji keyboard which provides 6 categories of emoticons and multiple screens for each section.

You can switch between various categories by tapping the icon present on bottom row and swiping in 3 rows of icons for seeing more characters. Users can also combine various Emoji characters to create new shapes and fun cartoons. When you tap in International symbol again, you can switch back to standard keyboard. Emoji keyboard is an excellent way to add spice and fun to your conversation by adding smileys and pictures to your text messages.

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