How To Get A Push Notification From WhatsApp When A Specific Contact Comes Online

Here’s how you can get online, offline and typing push notifications for WhatsApp contacts on iPhone. Complete details can be found here.

WhatsApp Messenger on the iOS App Store is definitely the king of the hill when it comes to instant messaging. Not only has it been in and around the top downloads chart for multiple years, but it’s also cross-platform and has managed to attract the attention of Facebook, which subsequently ended with a multi-billion dollar acquisition. Now, thanks to the OnlineNotify tweak, jailbroken iOS users can keep track of the WhatsApp activity of their friends without needing to constantly go into the app.


Anyone who uses WhatsApp will have faced similar issues. Sending a message to a friend or loved one and wanting to know if that message has been read. Seeing that the contact in question is “online” but isn’t replying. It can become extremely tiring, and a little creepy in all honesty, to keep invoking the app just to see if that contact is currently showing as online within WhatsApp. OnlineNotify is a handy little tweak for jailbroken iOS devices that removes the need to actually go into the app to get this information by presenting it directly on the device in the form of push notifications.


OnlineNotify essentially comes with two main selling points; it tells you when a particular contact is showing as online as well as when that contact is typing in the conversation stream. It doesn’t have the ability to notify when a message has been delivered or read, but that information is still readily available as denoted by the gray and blue double ticks in the conversation window. The package also ships with a very handy little Notification Center switch that can be used to immediately enable or disable all notifications from the tweak. This is extremely handy when you have a lot of contacts selected in the notify table who regularly come and go on WhatsApp.


Of course, like a lot of jailbreak tweaks, users will need to make a few allowances due to restrictions on what can and can’t be done on the device. In order for OnlineNotify to work WhatsApp must be constantly running in the background of the device and therefore will always show the user as “online”. If the device is locked, the system automatically kills Wi-Fi, rendering the tweak null and void unless the Insomnia package is also installed. Still, even with those limitations, OnlineNotify is a great little package for keeping track and when your friends are ignoring you on WhatsApp.

OnlineNotify costs $1.99 on Cydia, and can be found under the BigBoss repo.

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