How to Get a Nokia Restriction Code?

If your Nokia phone is restricted for the use under a particular network provider, you may need a Nokia Restriction Code to remove the restriction in your phone and be able to use it using other sim cards or network providers.

The Nokia Restriction code is also called Nokia unlock code. The process of unlocking your phone from a particular service provider is practically easy, but getting the restriction code is sometimes tricky.

How do I know that I Need a Restriction Code?

When you insert a sim card, the “Enter Restriction” Code normally appears if you use a card of other network providers other than the original carrier of your phone. This means that you need to unlock your phone to be able to use it using other sim cards.

Practically, unlocking your phone and buying a new sim is cheaper than buying a new cell phone so here’s the trick to getting a Nokia restriction code:

There are certain ways to get your Restriction Code. You may do one of the following or try them all until you get the restriction code that will unlock your phone:

1. Contact your original network provider

The first thing that you may do is go to your network provider to get your restriction code. If your contract to that provider is already finished, then they may give you the code easily. However, if you are still tied to them, they may not give you the code or you may be required to pay a fee. Fortunately, there are other means to get the code on your own for free using the next steps.

2. Go to is an online site that provides Nokia Restriction Codes. After providing important details about your handset, the site will automatically email the code to you. The IMEI number will usually be asked. To get your IMEI number, press *#06# on your phone and the number/s shown is your IMEI number.

IMEI no. pics

3. Go to

This site is also a credible online site for restrictions codes for Nokia devices. Just like the previous site, you are required to enter your IMEI number to get the code in an instant.

After getting your Nokia Restriction Code, your phone will be already unlocked and ready for use.

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