How to free space in Windows Phone using WhatsApp

One of the biggest problem for me with Windows Phone is lack of internal storage. I own a Lumia 630, my mom own a Lumia 530, couple of my friends own a higher versions 730 and 820. All of us have come across the same problem. An error message pop up that there is not enough free space to install updates.

This is a common issue with all phones with low internal storage space (also includes Android and iOS). A part of the internal storage space is used for installing firmware software. Then there is space needed to install the operating system. On top of that, you also have Apps installed in internal memory. Even though most Apps supports installation on SD card, some Apps still support installation on internal storage.

Microsoft is aware of the problem. They released a Phone update “Denim” which allow Windows to download the Firmware and Windows update to external storage when there is no enough space inside internal storage. Currently, this is enabled for devices such as Lumia 530/530 Dual SIM, 630/630 Dual SIM, 635, 636, 638, 730 Dual SIM, 735 and 830. Also, remember this is a completely internal process and you won’t be able to make any change in the settings.

Here are some lights from a previous article on how to free up phone memory in Windows Phone

  1. Remove unnecessary files and Apps
  2. Use a Clean Up App
  3. Move Apps from internal memory to SD card if supported by the App
  4. Connect phone to PC and remove unnecessary files from Phone memory

If this is not working, try this one.

Uninstall WhatsApp and re-install after making changes

The right way to install WhatsApp is install it just like any other App. WhatsApp files are saved inside internal memory as the App developer support it installing only on internal memory. Go to Settings -> Storage sense -> Make sure you have the music, videos, podcasts, photos, apps and new downloads to be saved inside SD card.

WhatsApp App consumes too much internal storage space in Windows Phone. It is not because the pictures, videos and files sent through WhatsApp is saved inside internal memory. If you connect the PC to your phone and check the WhatsApp folder inside internal memory, you won’t find much there. But it still consumes lot of space.

The solution to free up space is

  1. uninstall WhatsApp (Remember you won’t lose your friends and groups. You will only lose the conversation that you had till now. All the files, photos, videos etc. will stay intact inside the gallery.)
  2. go through the gallery and photos, remove all unwanted files
  3. install WhatsApp back.

Check the internal memory. You will find lot of space being freed just by uninstalling and then installing WhatsApp.

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