How to fix Windows Phone Error 80073cf9

How to fix Windows Phone Error 80073cf9

Windows Phone errors such as Error 80073cf9 are common for Windows Phone users. The errors are part of the operating system and can occur anytime.  However, what we should do is find fixes and solutions for them, so that we don’t have to spend days looking for the solution.

How to fix Windows Phone Error 80073cf9

There is no single fix or solution for Error 80073cf9 in Windows Phone. The Windows Phone error 80073cf9  occur when you try to update apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Facebook or any other social networking or instant messaging apps, particularly from the Windows Phone store.

Whenever you try to update any of you apps from the Windows Phone store, the 80073cf9 error pops up and prevents you from updating your apps. Now you may stop updating your apps to avoid this error, but if you can find a permanent fix for the error, you can keep your apps up to date.

The Windows Phone error 80073cf9 can occur due to several reasons, including incorrect region setup, incorrect date and time setup, the problem in your internal storage etc. Below I have listed all the possible fixes for the error. Do try them and let us know if you have been able to fix the error.

Note: These are the some possible fixes, but Microsoft is yet to provide any proper clarification about the error. So, just try them out, see if you can fix this error and get your app updated.

How to fix Windows Phone Error 80073cf9

Fix 1: Set Correct Region in your Phone

Incorrect setup of a region can also lead to this error in Windows Phone. What you need to make sure is that you have set correct region in the settings.

  1. Begin with opening Settings and tap on Regions.
  2. Now look in the region and see if you have a correct region in the settings. If not, make the changes and select your region / country.
  3. Now try to download the app again which was giving the error. Make sure that you cancel all the pending downloads before attempting to download the app.

Fix 2: Set Correct Storage Location

Try moving the new app installation to Phone rather than SD card. Installing apps on SD card can cause this error. To set the correct app installation location, do the following:

  1. Tap on Settings and open Storage Sense.
  2. In Storage Sense, check if you have set the location of Store New Apps on SD card. If you have it on SD card, then make it as Phone.
  3. Try downloading the app again and see if you can update it successfully.
  4. Once you have downloaded the update, you can move the app back to the SD card.

Fix 3: Disable Automatic Updates

Have you tried disabling the Automatic Updates of apps in Windows Phone? For some users, disabling automatic updates has fixed the issue. Even though, we have little to no information about why this happens, but few users reported it to be working.

  1. Go to Settings and tap on Apps.
  2. Go to Store and disable Automatically update the apps.
  3. Now go to Store again, tap and hold on the app, which was giving the error and select “delete download”.
  4. Now search for the app again and reinstall it from Windows Phone store.

Fix 5: Set Location in Settings

Some apps may need to have location turned ON in your settings. To do this go to Settings, tap on Locations and turn it On. Now try to download the app, and allow it to access the location if asked during the installation or downloading process.

Fix 6: Perform Soft and Hard Reset

Resetting your Windows Phone basically means that you are deleting the settings in you phone and setting it back to what it was before you bought it. Now there are two types of Reset, Soft Reset and Hard reset. Soft reset basically only deletes settings in your Windows Phone while keeping the programs and files as it is.

The Hard reset would be harsh on your Phone and will delete the Apps along with your stored data, anything and everything you added to your phone’s internal storage.

In case, none of the above method worked for you and you were not able to fix the Windows Phone error 80073cf9, you may need to perform either soft or hard reset of your Windows Phone.

Soft Reset Windows Phone

While the phone is switched ON, press and hold Volume down + Power button simultaneously until your phone vibrates. Once your phone vibrates, release the keys and wait until your phone restarts automatically.

Hard Reset Windows Phone

  1. Go to Settings and tap on App list.
  2. From App list page, tap on Restore your Phone option.
  3. Now carefully read the message saying “ Resetting your Phone will erase all your personal contents including apps, games, pictures and music and will restore back to factory settings. Do you want to continue?
  4. To proceed, tap on Yes both the times.
  5. Wait for few minutes before your phone restarts after resetting to factory settings.

There you go! You have successfully reset your Windows Phone and set it to factory settings. Now try to download the app, which was giving the error, and most certainly you should have a device without error. If not, keep an eye on Microsoft community page where users post if they find any new fix. Who knows, you may find a working fix for your phone.

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