How To Fix Can’t Hear Call Sound On Galaxy S5

In this post, we are going to share some actionable tips how to fix call sound problems on Samsung Galaxy S5. Various people worldwide have reported issues with their device. So if you’re one of them we will help you to fix Galaxy S5 not hearing call sound.

Apparently, the Galaxy device isn’t so good as it supposed to be. People have reported some little issues and among them, the Galaxy S5 call sound problem seems to be the most reported.

In most of the cases, you may think this problem can be a hardware issue but sometimes it might not be like that. Galaxy S5 call sound problem can be also software related so before going to ask for professional service it’s recommended to exclude that it’s not a software issue.

How to do that?

It might sound strange but yes, the Galaxy S5 not hearing call sound can be a software error. In this post, you will find some actionable tips to try to fix the issue.


We have seen people reporting that the problem was a bug and it was fixed by trying one of the tips below or in the next software update. So before going to ask for a replacement or professional help, save yourself some time and maybe a few bucks and try to fix Galaxy S5 call sound problem by yourself.

Various Galaxy S5 users in many forums are saying that they managed to fix Galaxy S5 not hearing sound during a call by themselves.

You can do it too! Read Below:

How to Fix Galaxy S5 can’t hear call sound

Before going to ask for a replacement or professional service try to fix the problem by yourself. Take a look at these tips. They might work.

  • Hold down the Power key and select Power off from the menu to turn off the phone. Then open the back case, remove the battery and sim card. Wait for a few seconds and put them back, turn on the phone and check if the problems still exist.

If people do not hear you then it’s a good way to check the microphone. There is a pin hole on the bottom of the device. Try to clean it using compressed air and make sure there is nothing caught on it.

  • Sometimes the sound problem can be related to Bluetooth. So if you have a Bluetooth accessory that is paired with your phone, try to disconnect it. Pull do then notification bar and turn Bluetooth off. Also, you need to go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap on “Forget Devices”.

Various Galaxy S5 users said that wiping the cache has worked for them and fix the Galaxy S5 call sound problem. So you may give it a try. Turn off the phone by pressing the Power key. Then boot the device into recovery by pressing and holding in the same time Volume Up + Home +Power Button to boot into recovery mode.

Once you feel a vibration let the power button go and when you see Android recovery screen let also the other buttons go.

In recovery menu navigate using the Volume buttons and press the Power button to select. So navigate to wipe cache partition and select it. Then reboot the phone and check for the problem again.

The last thing you should do is to factory reset the phone and if the problem still exists flash a Samsung stock firmware. If none of these tips works then you have to ask for professional help or even ask for a replacement if it’s a serious problem.

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