How To Easily Install Whatsapp On Your Mobile and Start Making Free Calls

WhatsApp is a popular messaging application for both the Android and iOS system.  It can be quickly installed via Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store for your particular operating system. Its voice call feature was recently introduced last April, 2015.

Once you have located the app, simply click the install button and the application will be automatically installed on your android mobile device.

There are also versions for other operating systems but since installation of the app is almost the same for all OSes, we will continue on how to make free calls using WhatsApp once it is installed on you particular device.

The app is continually being improved by its developers and next on their agenda is to incorporate a much better video calling service.  Video calling requires a lot bandwidth so the developers are experimenting on ways of improving video calls to give the masses the best video calling experience of all.  We will be standing by for this one.

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