How to Easily Detect If Your Cellphone Is Being Tracked? 2017 Secret little known trick!

There are several signs of spy software presence which can tell if your cell phone has a spy software installed and all its activities are being monitored or not. Although, these signs are quite hard to grasp but when you know all the signs it becomes quite easy to find out if your phone is being spied on or not.

This detailed guide will provide details of how to tell if your phone is hacked and all information regarding how to tell if your phone is tapped and after that How to remove the found virus followed by how to keep your cell phone secure. This guide will apply to all types of phones such as Android, Blackberry and also iPhone, however, for iPhone, there will be some extra tips too.

When it comes to cell phones everyone is crazy about them, including all young children and even

elderly people love to have a piece of it. Only babies are the one who doesn’t get to have their own smartphone. Security was never an issue in the past as cell phones were not that advanced, they were just plain cell phones with not many features.

For many young readers, it will sound quite strange that in the past only thing cell phone can do was to make a call and were also quite unreliable. But today, with advancement in technology we have powerful smartphones, using them we can chat online, browse the internet, send emails and online banking.

The more the technology is advancing the more we are using smartphones to convey personal information which should never be disclosed to anyone. However, people don’t really know that all this information is not safe and other people can easily steal the information using mSpy free download.

How to tell if your Phone is being Tracked

For several years, I am working on these cell phone monitoring softwares but still I am always amazed at how only a few know how much powerful these tools are and how easily you can get them. when people get to know the power of the spy apps, they are quite shocked at how much powerful tools they can get while also being quite inexpensive and the best part is, it is completely legal. To see if your phone is being spied on it is better to first learn a bit about what these cell phone spy software are and how you can utilize them. Browse around the website to learn more about these spy apps.

It will definitely be a huge for anyone who will find out their phone is being monitored and will be very angry about how they privacy is breached. However, there are also many other people who can have huge trouble if their information is leaked. The most common will be business users as the information in their devices is quite confidential and mostly they become the target. Anyone can become a target of privacy breach, the information that is in our phone or going through our phone can be utilized in many ways. But the good news is there is a chance that you can spot whether such software is installed or not.

I will tell you some common signs of the presence of cell phone spying software on your phone that should be able to tell you that your phone is infected. There are some indications that are caused due to other things so in this matter you will have to use your own judgment. Although, there is still some best cell phone spy app  that is actually really hard to detect and will only be revealed by an expert analysis, but still you do find the following signs on your phone it is better to take some action.

Change in Behavior of the phone: If such software is installed your phone may start behaving differently, like it starts making beeping noises, shut down automatically, light up for no reason and some other things like that. Yes, these behaviors can all be caused by other reasons too but if this keeps regularly then your phone might have hidden spying software.

5 signs that may help you find out if your phone has spy software installed and that it is being tracked, tapped or monitored in some way

1- Increase Battery Usage:

There are some monitoring software that can use a lot of battery, so see if suddenly your battery timing starts changing, do you happen to charge it more often. These changes can also occur with time as the battery becomes old, but we are not looking for these changes, we are after a dramatic change in battery usage. Some free facebook spy software will drain the battery very fast but modern programs will take less battery making them harder to spot.

2- Phone Shutdown:

Do you find your phone shutting down every day even though it is completely charged? There are some spy apps that have some bugs and this one is the most common one.

3- Noise in Call:

This can be a bit tricky as it can be caused due to the bad connection, however, if this keeps happening regularly there is a good chance your phone has hidden spy software in it. The sounds might not be same as normal also, it can be beeping, clicking, static or even voices if the phone is infected. Some software offer calls listening and recording feature that can cause these noises because another call is ongoing as a conference call.

4- Unusual Texts:

If your phone is infected, you might start receiving strange text messages containing symbols, characters or numbers. With remote control feature of these spy software the commands are sent in secret coded text messages, although these are hidden but in some situations, they can be visible if there are bugs. If this keeps happening, there is a good chance your phone is infected.

5- Sudden increase in Data Usage:

Do you think you are suddenly using more of your phone’s data? Some software which is not that much reliable can actually use extra data in order to send the gathered information, so if you do find any increase in the usage of your phone’s data plan for no reason there is a good chance it is infected. You can use apps like My Data Manager for android or Data Usage for iPhone to keep track of the data usage. It should be noted that only poor programs will use extra data, best ones are quite hard to detect as they don’t use much data that is visible enough to keep track off.

While looking at all these signs make sure you look for sudden changes not over time changes as they can happen anyway. Each of these signs might not be strong enough to detect the presence of hidden spy software but if you see several of these signs together, there is a good chance your phone has spy software.

All spy Softwares are not supplied through Apple, and iPhone must be jailbroken first in order to use the spy software. The first sign of hidden spy software on iPhone will be your iPhone becoming jailbroken while you didn’t do it. To find out if your iPhone is jailbroken or not just go to Installer app located on the home screen of your phone or if your other apps such as Icy or Cydia then this means your phone has been jailbroken.

If you don’t find any app there is a good chance the spy must have hidden them, so it is better to look

another place and there is a good chance you might find it somewhere else. Try looking in all of your software apps, the app might be lurking around there. If any of these apps are not from Apple then there is a good chance your phone is jailbroken.

It can be quite hard to look deep into iPhone directories but you can also opt for an easier way to remove the jailbreak and also the spy software. All you have to do get the latest iOS update through iTunes, when you will do this the jailbreak will be removed and all softwares as well which are not from Apple. However, make sure all your important data is backed up before going through this process.

Go deep and Check Phone for Spyware   

If you do have some technical knowledge and think you can handle all the technical stuff then it is better to dig deep and find out if your phone is jailbroken or not. Most people will not be comfortable with all these technical stuff but it can be fruitful. You have will have to look through each and every folder or file to see if there is anyone with a suspicious name like Spy or Stealth – suspicious things like that. There are  times when files on installation are left behind on the SD card – All you have to do is know where to look.

On Forbes, I found a really interesting article in which an expert looked at these top spy software applications. He described how easy it is to find out about the presence of these spy apps just by searching for the phone’s directories. It should be noted that he was an “Expert”, so it was easy for him to find out about the spy software but for most people looking into phone directories are bit too much and they don’t even try.

From my cell phone spying experience, I will say that many people don’t actually find out about cell phone spying apps with this method. In order to find these files, first the files should be suspicious and if they are suspicious then it means they must have already detected some of the changing behaviors mentioned above. It is also due to many people not having any knowledge about mobile spy software or they think that no one will ever spy on them.

I really hope you have learned something from this article, but you should also keep in mind that technology like this will keep evolving which means it will become even harder to detect that cell phone is being monitored. You need to take some steps to ensure your device is safe if you believe someone might spy on you. If you just know that there are spying apps out there and how they work, it is actually quite a good start.

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