How to Download WhatsApp on Computer/Laptop

Many people have been searching about how to download WhatsApp on Computer/Laptop and finally a simple procedure is written below for installing Whatsapp on your Windows Os and Mac Os of your Pc/Laptop.

 Do you know this?

So now we have total 4 methods to use Whatsapp,

Official Desktop Messenger

Using Whatsapp on computer/laptop by official desktop app –

Bluestacks (3rd party software)

Using Whatsapp on computer/laptop by using a software – Bluestacks [the present post!]

Now you might get confused about which method should I follow as there are total 3 methods for using Whatsapp on computer/laptop! ?

Don’t worry! I’m simplifying all the differences between the 3 methods, and now you will get an idea about which one you should use and which is best one for you!

In this post, I’ll discuss the – Installing WhatsApp on your Computer/Laptop of Windows 7/8/10 or Mac by using Bluestacks Software!

Steps for Installing WhatsApp on your Computer/Laptop – Windows 7/8/10 or Mac:

Step 1:

  • If you don’t have a graphic card on your Pc, then download bluestacks by .
  •  After the download of bluestacks completes, install it on your Pc/Laptop. Installation may take some time like 3-5 minutes.
  • After successful installation of bluestacks, we will follow one simple method to install Whatsapp on our bluestacks software
How to use-install-download Whatsapp on Computer or Laptop - Windows 7/8 and Mac

Ok, guys, now I’m about to Divide our “” into two cases,

  • Activating the NEW WhatsApp account number on your Computer/Laptop which you are not using on Mobile!

So check the below methods as per your own Case!

Step 2: Activating WhatsApp on your Pc/Laptop

CASE: 2A) Activating the OLD Whatsapp Account Number

If you decide to stop using the OLD Whatsapp account No in your smart phone, and you wanna use the same Old Whatsapp No on PC now, 

So if you have confirmed to use the same OLD Whatsapp No of mobile on PC now, then  first by going to “Chats” option in “Settings” of your Whatsapp account (so that you won’t miss any old, latest chats while using on PC) and then only start installing Bluestacks on your Computer!

  • Now verify your Mobile number by Sms or call as the same procedure which we do normally for installing Whatsapp on mobile
  • Enter Verification code and now Your Whatsapp is successfully activated on your Computer/Laptop. ?

CASE: 2B) Activating the NEW Whatsapp Account Number (which you won’t use on Mobile!)

  •  After Installing Whatsapp, then it will ask you to enter your Mobile number for which you want to use your Whatsapp on Computer
Steps for Installing WhatsApp on your Computer/Laptop of Windows 7/8 or Mac

and manually enter your friend contact nos who are using WhatsApp.

Have Fun – Chatting – Voice messages and much more on your Pc/laptop`s Whatsapp. ?

One thing you should make a note for this bluestacks method is, you cannot use a same Whatsapp number on your mobile and computer at a time. Those who don’t have smartphones to use WhatsApp on mobile, they can download this computer bluestacks software and can use Whatsapp on your computer.

Also, you can check the 2nd method, “WhatsAppWeb” by going here – HOW TO USE WHATSAPP ON YOUR PC/LAPTOP/TABLET – WEB BROWSER

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