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As we reported earlier, WhatsApp finally stopped working in Symbian phones on July 18, 2017. Thereafter the link of “WhatsApp for Nokia” page is also redirecting to a blog post which gives info about the shutdown. Apparently there is no download link of WhatsApp sis file (for Symbian S60) at the official site now. But you still want to download it (new latest version), right? Well here is a method we found for you.

whatsapp symbian new sis

Download WhatsApp sis files (new and old) for Symbian from official site

Believe it or not but we have received thousands of requests for providing new (cracked or modded) version of WhatsApp for Symbian since July 18 – the day of WhatsApp blackout. But firstly we don’t do this kind of work and secondly NOTHING can be done now as far as we know about mobile technology. Being a server side (online working) application no cracking/hacking can make it work. All we can do in this matter is to provide you the sis file (new and old) of WhatsApp if you want.

There is no use of installing WhatsApp in Symbian phones now (as it will not work), still many want to download the “latest version” and some even want older versions. So here you go, just follow the simple steps described below to get the desired version –

1. Fortunately direct download links of sis files are still there and working at WhatsApp website. All you need is the exact link of the specific file to download it. And guess what we have found the link structure required for this. You have to input exact download URL in the browser as follows

The above URL is of the last official version (v2.16.57) of WhatsApp.

2. Copy the above link and paste in your web browser’s URL/address bar – now press “Enter” at the keyboard. Download will start automatically or the browser will ask for permission to save/download the file – it may vary depending upon the browser you are using. Wait for the download to complete. This way you will get the desired sis file.

3. Interestingly you can also download the older versions of WhatsApp using the above URL structure. For this you must have the correct version number – for example one of the previous version was 2.16.9 – to download it’s sis file just replace the “57” with “9” in the above URL and follow the steps described above. This way the URL will be –

Similarly download link for version 2.12.79 would be

Besides above, some of the older versions of WhatsApp are (you can easily make download links for these as described above) –

2.16.29 2.16.38 2.12.128 2.12.205 2.12.266 2.12.287 2.12.382 2.12.351 2.12.402

However we again repeat what was said earlier – these WhatsApp sis files are nothing more than collectible archives now. You CANNOT get WhatsApp working again using any of these. Unfortunate but true! Accept it!

Note – Sooner or later WhatsApp will remove these download links too. So this method may stop working any time in the future. When this happens do let us know, we will upload the files for you. Long live Symbian!

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