How to Download Files From Bluestacks to your Computer

BlueStacks is an Android apps player for computer/PC. After installing BlueStacks on your computer, you can able to access the Android application just like in Android phone. But sometime their users are not feeling friendly with this app because there is a little bit different process to use it. All things are same just like in Android phones, but when we are trying to upload and download picture and videos from this app then there will be a little different task to do for us. In this alticle am going to give you some tips to download picture or videos from your BlueStacks app to computer. For complete this process you have to make 2 step procedure. Follow the procedure given below to operate successfully. STEP 1

• First of all make sure you have been installed a File Manager application in your BlueStacks. If not, then don’t worry about it, just installed it right now.

download picture from BlueStacks to your computer

• Open a File Manager application in your BlueStacks and browse a file which you want to download.(There is a folder such as like Picture/DCIM, Movies which contain pictures and videos respectively).

download picture from BlueStacks to your computer

• Copy the file from the respective folder which you want to download from BlueStacks. (“Copy” option will appear after Tap in file).

• Now again browse the folder named “bstfolder” and open it.

• Open the folder named “BstSharedFolder” and paste the file. (“Paste” option is located in the top left sidebar).

After doing this procedure successfully, Now we are leaving the BlueStacks apps player


• Open your Computer’s Disk drive, where Windows OS is installed

• Find out a folder named “ProgramData” and open it (Normally this folder does not appear so you need to mark on click Show hidden files and folders).

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