How to download and install WhatsApp APK for Android Tablets

When WhatsApp first came to life close to ten years ago, it was only supported on mobile phones, but today, you can use the app on quite a number of devices, including Android tablets.

The main reason WhatsApp free download was – and still is – strictly limited to use on mobile phones is because the app needs your phone number in order to set up. Without a phone number, you won’t be able to set up the app on your device and as you know already, not so many tablets out there have a SIM card slot.

Once it’s there, tap on it to install, just like you’d do with any other application. You’ll be greeted with a very familiar window asking you to accept the terms. Tap “Agree and continue” and in case another window pops up telling you that WhatsApp for Android tablets is not supported, don’t mind it, instead, hit OK.

Go ahead and select your country of residence and key in your phone number. Make sure this phone number is active, even if it means having the SIM card inserted in another phone, which can even be any of those feature phones as long as it can receive an SMS. Also, ensure that this phone number is currently not registered on the app. A message will be sent to this phone number carrying a verification code. Use this code to complete the setup and you are good to go.

Since this WhatsApp APK for Android tablets doesn’t have anything to do with the Google Play Store, you won’t be receiving direct updates when the developers roll out new features. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can get these features on your slate.

However, you will have to keep doing things manually in order to keep your installed WhatsApp in the best shape. To do this, you’ll have to keep visiting the APK Mirror to check for new versions of the app on a regular basis, download the latest WhatsApp APK for Android tablets and install it manually. Since the app is already set up, it will automatically install the updates while keeping the rest of the details intact, including the phone number, messages and contacts.

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