How to Disable WhatsApp Calls on Android [100% working]

According to WhatsApp FAQ page, there is no any official way to Disable Whatsapp Calls. Although Voice call feature is very useful for every WhatsApp users to keep in connect with their friends and families, sometimes it could be disturbing us.

To get rid of this problem, you can block a particular contact on WhatsApp. But it wouldn’t be a good solution for you because when you block someone on WhatsApp, it will completely restrict them from contacting you. That means, when you block someone on WhatsApp, they not only restrict from making calls but also they can’t chatting with you, they can’t see your complete WhatsApp profile picture or Status, Etc.

So, have you ever think to disable voice call without blocking your friends or someone? There’s a handy way to get rid of them; You can prevent receiving voice calls (Incoming calls) from a particular contact or whole contact using following trick.

Disable Whatsapp Calls with GBWhatsApp

GbWhatsApp is a most popular version of MOD WhatsApp; It offers the bunch of features that we can find on official WhatsApp. Likewise, it also allows you to disable WhatsApp calls either for an individual contact or all contact. Consequently, we can download GBWhatsApp and use it instead of official WhatsApp to disable voice calls.

Don’t lose your previous chats

Before you getting started, you must backup your current WhatsApp chats and install GBWhatsApp without losing previous Chats. Once you installed the GBWhatsApp, you can disable voice calls for both individual contact and whole contact.

Disable WhatsApp calls for all contact


Step 1: Open GBWhatsApp and tap the three-dot menu button at the top right corner of the app.


Step 2: Navigate to GB settings > Other MODS.


Step 3: Go to the bottom of “Other MODS” page and select “Disable Voice Calls” checkbox.

That’s it; now you no longer receive Voice calls on WhatsApp.

Disable WhatsApp calls for a particular contact.

Step 1: Open GBWhatsApp and select a WhatsApp contact which you wish to block voice calls.


Step 2: Go to their profile page by tapping “view contact” or their name.


Step 3: Now select “Custom notification” on their profile page.

Step 4: Select the “Use custom notification” checkbox and find the “call notifications” on the page.


Step 5: Then select “Disable Voice Calls” checkbox.

That’s it. Now you won’t receive voice calls from selected contact anymore.

Disable WhatsApp calls with Android App

Some apps give additional features to manage WhatsApp account such as hide WhatsApp media from Gallery, lock WhatsApp with a password, WhatsApp Fake Cover, and so on. But WhatsApp doesn’t offer these features on its official app. Nevertheless, we can also “Disable WhatsApp calls” another third-party app, unlike GBWhatsApp.

The app called “Tools for WhatsApp” you can download it from Google Play store. It helps to enable or disable WhatsApp call function anytime, whenever you want. (Incoming calls or outgoing calls.) And below video explains the way to use this app on your Android Phone.

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Summary: Disable incoming Whatsapp Calls.

This article explains a “Way to disable WhatsApp calls on your Android Phone.” Unfortunately, the official WhatsApp application doesn’t offer to disable WhatsApp calls. However, this trick will be helpful who wish to prevent incoming calls on WhatsApp either from an individual contact or all contact. Additionally, the Android app that I mentioned the above, which also allows you to disable voice calls function in WhatsApp both incoming calls and outgoing calls. If you find this article is useful, then don’t forget to share with your friends, and I love to hear your thoughts about this article.

How to Disable WhatsApp Calls

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