How to disable or hide WhatsApp bluetick Read receipt

WhatsApp Read Receipt

Recently WhatsApp has added a new feature in its latest release which allow sender to check whether recipient has read the message or not. Which they (WhatsApp Team) thought as useful, but most of the WhatsApp users who love privacy found it annoying and didn’t like new feature and started hating bluetick update.

Why the most people are hating this update ? — Let me give a some reasons which I found from online research on news articles.

In previous versions before Bluetick update, if the sender has sent message to recipient and recipient has received the message then sender will see the double tick mark ( in grey color). But now after recent update, if recipient received the message then it will appear same double tick (in grey color) and in addition to it, if user has opened the ping then sender will seen same double tick but in blue color. This means now sender will be able to see whether receiver has read messages or not. And this is irritating most users who don’t want to reply after reading messages.

Due to this update, users are not able to hide there privacy. Suppose you have blocked any user or if you have hidden the last seen, sender wont be able to verify whether receiver has read message or not. But now hiding last seen and blocking users became useless due to bluetick update.

So to protect the privacy and make WhatsApp user comfortable, we have tested some different methods to hide blue tick mark for WhatsApp user.

Update 1 : According a BETA tester, next version update of WhatsApp will have an option to Enable or Disable blue tick.

Update 2: WhatsApp new upcoming version will have option to enable or disable blue-tick named as “Read receipt”. To disable read receipt go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Read receipt and un-tick the check box.

WhatsApp Read Receipt for Bluetick

Now coming to the topic on not showing blue-tick, we find out three ways to hide double blue-tick mentioned below. Out of three methods, we don’t have control over one:

Update: Before trying for below methods, wait for few days for WhatsApp to roll-out updated version with Read receipt.

1. Do not update WhatsApp:

Do not update WhatsApp to new version is best and easy solution we found out to control bluetick in WhatsApp.

If you have not updated WhatsApp then your account is will not have feature to send response after reading message. Hence you are protected to send bluetick.

2. Check WhatsApp on offline mode:

If you have updated to latest version and still want to control blue-tick. Then this method will protect from sending read response.

All you need is to disable Data Plan if you want to read the messages offline. If you read the messages in offline mode, then WhatsApp wont be able to send read response to server hence no blue-tick, simple right

But this method is hectic to use, which need frequent off and on of internet Data Plan to read and receive messages.

3. Stop Account upgrade(no control):

As WhatsApp is slowly upgrading accounts for this new feature, some user still have problem in viewing bluetick. And we have no option to control this account upgrade. Finger crossed, if you don’t need account upgrade.

Disable WhatsApp bluetick

Note and Conclusion:

We guessing that WhatsApp will quickly rollback this update or provide more options to protect blue-tick visibility for particular user same as Last Seen feature.

Update: As expected by us, WhatsApp has provided option to disable Read receipt in Privacy Setting by un-ticking the check box.

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