How To Detect If Your Cell Phone Is Being Wiretapped? Quick DIY Guide


Can you imagine you life without mobile communications? Probably no, but do you know that any mobile phone user can become a victim of eavesdropping. It is illegal to eavesdrop on phone calls, except of special occasions, when it is done by law enforcements, and such an eavesdropping is legal only if they have a special warrant. That is why it is really important to know, how to detect eavesdropping and how to avoid it.

The first sign that your smartphone is compromised is the battery temperature. The point here is in that that such a vulnerable smartphone will have a warm, or even hot battery, when it is not in use. It is ok if the battery is going hot while you are talking, or using any kind of apps, but when it happens when the phone is in the stand-by mode – it is possible that a spy app was installed and works right now.

We at Jammer-Store also recommend you to pay attention to the strange behavior of your mobile gadget. That may help you to avoid warrantless eavesdropping and tracking sometime. If it takes to long to turn your device off, it may point to an eavesdropping app. Sometimes smartphone may even simply refuse to turn off, but that may also point to its malfunction.


Watching the battery power level may help too. If your phone is being eavesdropped – the battery will go down much faster than usual. But we have to warn you, that may lead to something just if your smartphone worked for a couple of days without recharging and suddenly started to drain the battery for a day. Also, the battery may go down faster simply if it is old. In a matter of fact, smartphones that are recording all the sounds around them have huge power consumption too.

Listen carefully for the noise or the interference that may appear, when you are talking to someone by the phone. If your mobile device is being wiretapped – you may here strange noises, echoes and clicks. But such an eavesdropping is possible only if evildoers or law enforcements cooperate with your mobile carrier. So, to discuss sensitive topics – it is better to use another mobile device and a SIM card. Also, if your cell phone causes interference with audio equipment, when you don’t use it – it may transmit data to third parties.

In case, modern smartphones are mostly vulnerable for eavesdropping apps, so always check the apps you install. Another way to define if something is wrong is to try changing your mobile network type in the Setting menu of a smartphone. If you’ll see a couple of suspicious mobile carriers in the list – someone is wiretapping you. Those are the most simple ways of how to detect if your phone is being wiretapped, without any kind of special equipment.


If you think that you are a victim of eavesdropping it will be wise to check your smartphone for malware, and if you are Android user – check app’s permissions. That’s how you may probably detect a spy app. The next step would be contacting police, they have special equipment, that will be able to detect any type of eavesdropping or wiretapping.

To maintain your device safe from eavesdropping – avoid suspicious phone repairs services and do not install apps from third parties. Sometimes, mobile phone jammer would be helpful to. It is able to block any kind of eavesdropping for a short period and we recommend to use it, when you’d like to discuss something in private.

Remember, that safety of your information is your top priority and if you won’t do something to keep it safe – no on will do that for you.

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