How to Delete the WhatsApp Backups Permanently from the iCloud


You have come to the right place if you are the user of the WhatsApp and want to delete the WhatsApp backups permanently from the iCloud. The WhatsApp is the trendiest app used for messaging, videos and photos sharing and the most important app for many people’s such as the iPhone users. Many of the users get struggled when they try to delete the chat backups by which this app created on the iCloud. Simply you can turn off the automatic backup from the app setting which is being created but deleting the ones which have previously been created is not simple as you think. We tell you which is the correct way to delete the WhatsApp backups permanently from iCloud.

Delete WhatsApp backup permanently from iCloud

The entire procedure to delete the WhatsApp backup from the iCloud permanently is described in two sections.

Section 1

  • First Turn off the backups which automatically turns-on from your account. (If you have already done this, then you should move to the next section).
  • Open the WhatsApp application from your iPhone and then hit setting button from the option.
  • Now select the “Chat Backup” from the option menu.
  • Now select the “Auto Backup” option from the next page and then select the “Off”.

Now the WhatsApp application not creates any backup point of your chat history but you need to delete all the existing chat history or data. Now move to the next section.

Section 2

In section 2 you will learn how the delete the WhatsApp backup permanently from the iCloud account.

  • From the setting app open the “iCloud”.
  • From the menu tap on the “Storage” option and you required to enter the Apple ID and Password.
  • The next step is to hit on the “Manage Storage” option; a new page will open then select the “WhatsApp Messenger”.
  • The last step is the tap on the “Edit” option at the right top corner of your iPhone screen and then hit one “Delete All” option.

After doing all this action all your WhatsApp chat history, photos, videos and documents will be deleted from the iCloud.

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