I will teach you how to do easy and Cencillo: Download WhatsApp

1. To use WhatsApp need to download the application from your mobile device. Android phones: Android Market (if your terminal uses Android as the operating system). IPhone App Store (if your phone is iPhone).


2. Once downloaded the application to your mobile device, you must start it. When you start the application will ask you create your account by entering your phone number, as we see in the first image of the article. 3. When do you account you receive your phone a numeric code that will be sent to your mobile and which then must enter into an empty box that is displayed on the home screen WhatsApp worth mentioning that this code will be sent on a course of 6 minutes instantaneously, although most of the time all done The other way of verifying an account of WhatsApp is through a phone call which will tell you the codes you need to put in the box, once it’s finished you just check the code by clicking on the Continue button and this form will be registered in this useful and popular social application that can interact with many people around the world and for this you just need your mobile number them or yours, once you’ve followed the steps you can and use your new account WhatsApp



You’ve already downloaded and installed WhatsApp and therefore you can already start using it. How to start? What would be the first thing you have to do? Well, the first thing would be to see which of your contacts are using WhatsApp. You can see them in “Contacts” on Android and “Favorite” on iOS devices. You can also add or invite yourself. The next thing would go see the options you have WhatsApp. Open his conversation with a friend to go see how the interface works. Tries to send a photo or video, is very simple, you only have to click on the image and share on WhatsApp, or the WhatsApp own you can attach the image to the conversation. Gradually you will see how you can be doing more functions, such as creating and managing groups, create copies of conversations or even change the wallpaper of the application. Do not worry, it’s a really easy to use, simple and intuitive program. If you download and install will not take you more than 10 minutes, do not you think mid-level master will cost more. Immediately you know handle it.

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