How To Create Whatsapp New Account

To Create Whatsapp New Account – If creating a new Whatsapp Account has been your problem, you don’t have to worry again as these tips are meant to guide you perfectly into WhatsApp community, the most reliable social network.

whatsapp new account

To start with, WhatsApp is an instant messaging application which enables the user to send video, voice records, images and text to other users. It also allows you to make free voice calls to your family, friends and other contacts in your phone.

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The Important Features of  WhatsApp

  1. Messaging: WhatsApp enables you to send messages to your friends and family members with ease.
  2. Video and voice recording: This is also one of the  important features of WhatsApp which allows you share important moment with your lovely ones.
  3. Group chat: This feature make it easier to discuss with large number o people, you can share pictures, videos and recorded voice with up to 200 people at the same time with the help of WhatsApp.
  4. Cheap & Realiability: With WhatsApp messenger you can make free local and international calls.

These and many more are the important features of WhatsApp Messenger. Now, let’s head over to the main business of the day which is How To Create WhatsApp New Account.

How To Download WhatsApp

If you don’t have the application on your phone you can download and install it from the internet stores like Blackberry world, Google play, Apps stores, Etc.

Make sure that the one you installed is compatible with the mobile device you are using. Once you install Whatsapp on your phone, creating an account won’t be an issue anymore. Below are the steps to follow;

How To Create WhatsApp New Account

Get your Whatsapp enabled phone and simcard ready. After the installation, you will receive a pop-up requesting you to fill out your details.

Step 1: Once the app opens, you will be required to type in your country code, select the code and proceed

Step 2: Then, type in your mobile phone number. Please ensure that the number is available and accessible as at the time of this registration.

Step 3: Select how to want to receive your account verification code (either txt message or phone call)

Step 4: Enter the code that was sent to you by WhatsApp in the appropriate space there. Then, tap on ‘Verify’ to complete the steps

Step 5: Finally, complete your profile details, such as your Profile Name, Photo and Status. Afterwards, start adding your friends from your Phone book or contact list. That’s it!

If you have followed the steps above carefully, you have successfully created  WhatsApp New Account on your device. Go ahead and enjoy the groove.

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