How to create Fake WhatsApp Last Seen on your Android

At SwapMyApp, one of the biggest motivating factor has always been to inform our readers about life altering Android apps in more than one aspect. What prompted us to review these apps is to allow our readers to play with their Android device in very efficient manner. Today, we are up with our second Android How-to and promise you to provide you with the latest how-tos more often.

Now let’s just consider WhatsApp for an instance, don’t you think it’s one of the best apps ever on your smartphone? The answer is most certainly yes. The same Mark Zuckerberg thought and here comes the $19 billion deal for this amazing app. You can think of How your online life is going to change after Facebook’s $19 billion Whatsapp swoop, but one major feature Mark planned is hiding the Last Seen timestamp. Though it depends entirely on the user on whether or not they want to hide the last seen or not, but in case, if you wish not to hide it, then certainly we have an amazing way to fake your last seen timestamp.

This thing works in similar manner your alarm clock works, but difference is alarm wakes you up from a slumber and this app will wake up your WhatsApp.

  • An Android device running on version 2.3.3 and up.
  • WhatsApp Fake online app running on your Android device (Follow the download button provided below).

How this will work:

  • Done with installing the WhatsApp Fake online app? If yes, follow the instructions.
  • Open the app and you’ll be seeing the WhatsApp Online Faker homescreen. Press “Add new schedule” button.
How to create Fake WhatsApp Last Seen on your Android
  • Now set the Schedule type(i.e. for how much time you wish to wake up your WhatsApp), time your WhatsApp will wake up and the time your WhatsApp will shut down.
  • Press Done and you are actually done with this.
How to create Fake WhatsApp Last Seen on your Android
  • Now, take a nap and rest this app will manage.

Hope you successfully managed to fake the last seen timestamp. Do let us know your reaction about this amazing app. Facing any issues? We are happy to help you.

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A very clean app to automate your WhatsApp last seen.

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