How to create a widget

How to create a widget

To create a WhatsHelp widget go to and get the widget code.

1. Choose messaging apps

  • Facebook Messenger. Copy and paste your Facebook Page URL (example: or a Page name (example: whatshelpio). Pay attention that the widget works only with Facebook Pages (not personal accounts).
  • WhatsApp. Just enter your WhatsApp number (+12345678).
  • Snapchat. Enter you Snapchat username.
  • Viber. We support Viber Public Ac count, so you have to provide your account name (example: ).
  • LINE. Visit LINE@ Manager and get the QR-code URL at “Basic Account Settings” page. 

  • Telegram. Enter your Telegram Bot username (example: whatsHelpBot).
  • Vkontakte. Enter the Vkontakte Page name, not URL (example: whatshelp).

2. Customize your button

  • In the Greeting message we use a Facebook Page’s logo if it’s provided on Step 1. Also you can enter any logo URL.
  • Enter the text of Greeting message, choose color and widget position.
  • For a WhatsApp messenger you can set up a message with information how to add your number to contacts. 

3. Add the code to your website

  • Enter your email and get the widget code.
  • Copy and paste this code before the </body> tag on every page of your website.

Check out our installation guides for some of the most popular content management systems (WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, Wix etc.).

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