How To Convert Mobile Whatsapp To PC/Laptop Whatsapp Web

Nowadays, Every one like child’s and students and business peoples and consultants and all other job holders, all are using WHATSAPP.   In a day, most of the time(~90%) spending on that only for chatting or voice call with their friends or relatives. Even though they having lot of work on systems/Laptops. At that time, there are uncomfortable to interact with both devices at time.

So, To avoiding purpose, the whatsapp inc. providing a new feature, i.e., “WHATSAPP WEB”.

By using this you can convert your mobile whats_app screen in to your system browser window tab. For that you need to follow the below steps.

Procedure :

Step 1 : Go to, then you can able to see like as following screen with QR(Quick Response) Code.

2 : Now open your WhatsApp in your mobile, After go to settings, in that you can able see as “whatsapp web”.

3 : Now select that option, then your whats_app scanner will start.

4 : Now with that scanner, you need to scan the QR Code that is available on the browser screen with few seconds.

That’s it. After that your mobile whats app will dump into your browser widow. Now you can easily chat and make calls with in the system.

Advantages : 

  • We can reload all existed images and videos into you system, you use it as a backup.
  • It will work in any browser and any device browser those are support the HTML.
  • If your not using that PC whats app for few minutes, It will automatically logout from your PC.
  • You can also upload the images/videos from PC also.
  • It will reduce your valuable time.

NOTE : Must and should you need to connect “Whats_app” in your mobile with available network.

Thank You!!

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