How to clone whatsapp on iphone

How to clone whatsapp on iphone | run 2 whatsapp accounts on same iphone ios 8 latest tweak : Hi friends! Many of us are running jailbroken iphones and upgraded to ios 8 which is the latest ios by apple. The users which were running ios 7 jailbreak were using watusi as their main tweak to clone whatsapp and hide their last seen and many other features. Now with the ios 8 jailbreak, watusi no longer supports cloning of whatsapp. Therefore, many ios users are looking for a new tweak so that they can run more than one whatsapp accounts on a single iphone. Social duplicator is not a free tweak, so many users can’t use it .freez last seen in whatsapp in iphone Here i am going to provide you an awesome tweak for cloning any app. Yes, this is also possible using social duplicator which is paid. Here is the new tweak ‘ slices ‘ which lets you make copies of any social app like instagram, whatsapp, twitter and many more. how to fix imessages error iphone(waiting for imessages activation)

How to clone whatsapp and run multiple whatsapp accounts on iphone

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