How To Check Who Visited My Whatsapp?

In today’s era, WhatsApp is the real saviour. Whether it is about talking to your friend or with someone special, WhatsApp does all that. But do you know how to check who visited your WhatsApp? No idea? Let’s take a look here.

Generally, each and every person are using Android phone in that the most favourite application is the Whatsapp. We are using this for the chatting purpose with friends, clients, relatives etc. Whatsapp now allowing you to hide the last seen and also we can know if the receiver has read your message or not. Now, it also allow us to make Whatsapp calls to your friends.Using Whatsapp with good profile pictures (DP) as well as putting nice status is the common things these days. After the changing of our DP and status we will wait with full of excitement for how many of our friends have seen. If we people are using Whatsapp too much, then surely we will check the profile of others on the daily basis or at times we are in online. As well as many other people also check our Whatsapp profile regularly or at intervals.

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Unfortunately there is no feature in officially to tell who visited your whatsapp. But there is one unofficial application will work under this thing. Now, we can check easily which person checked our whatsapp profile regularly. This is not available default in Google play store but we can download it in online from our android device.

Who Visited My Whatsapp profile

How To Check Who Visited My Whatsapp?

  1. Using Whatsapp Viewer

    This app will help we people to find who has checked or visited our whatsapp profile in the past 24 hours. This is one of the best applications for finding who visited our personal profile.

    • To know who visited whatsapp using Whatsapp viewer App.
    • Initially download whatsapp Viewer App.
    • After the installation process, allow it to access your contacts.
    • Once you allows your contacts access, this app will show you the list of people who is visited your whatsapp profile the most.
    • For unlock the first person, we have to rate this app. Give the ratings to 5 out of 5star on Google play store for unlock the name of first person.
  2. Using Android Remote Control App

    This works if you have only one target user for which you want to know whether he or she checked our whatsapp profile or read the status. We also required knowing the user timing this also can be done. For this we need to install a remote control app(Team viewer quick support) in the user’s phone. Now, take his/her phone for a few minutes, open the team viewer and copy the ID which is appearing as well as password in your PC’s Team viewer app.

    Now whatever the user (target) is doing in their smart phone will appear on your Team viewer too. It works only when the internet connection is on, it is so powerful trick that it does not allow you to know who viewed your whatsapp but also allow you to spy your target user’s phone and even take control of the device whenever you want .

  3. Using Who Viewed My Profile App

    If you does not want to know about one user and you just want to know the detail about every single person who viewed our whatsapp profile in the past 24 hours, there is a smart app in Google play store which helps more to know who checked. Download who viewed me for whatsapp which is free of cost. While comparing to the others, this who viewed me for whatsapp is the best whatsapp tracker to know who viewed your profile on whatsapp secretly.

Best Features Of Whatsapp Who Viewed Me

The great features are as follows;

  • It is the best app with simple and usable interface without any complications.
  • Simple method to find out who checked our profile.
  • It is 100 % free app for all kind of gadgets.
  • This whatsapp spy app can be only installed on the SD card of our phone and it also helps to save memory of the device.
  • This application is frequently updated in order to find any bugs and also try to fix it.


The above techniques are the ways to check who all are visited our whatsapp profile in few seconds easily with the help of simple android app. These are the best ways ever for checking purpose.

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