How to change WhatsApp notification ringtones on iPhone

Starting from iOS 6, it’s not possible to change WhatsApp

ringtones without jailbreak. This is what WhatsApp has to say about it:

On iPhone, there is no way to select any ringtone but those which are available within WhatsApp. You can change the ringtone for when the app is closed via WhatsApp Settings > Notifications. Here you can choose different ringtones for messages, group messages and WhatsApp Calls.

Fear not! With this guide and a jailbroken iPhone (here I wrote a guide about jailbreaking it) you’ll be able to change your WhatsApp ringtones! This is the laundry list:

  • A jailbroken iPhone with Cydia (here the guide to jailbreak it)
  • The free software iFunbox (available for Mac and Windows)
  • Some new ringtones (you can download one from here, further in the guide I’ll explain how to create them on your own)
  • At least one old ringtone to sacrify: the new ringtones will take the place of the old ones (I, for example, hate the “Boing” one)

Let’s start:

  • From Cydia, look for and install Apple File Conduit “2”
Apple File Conduit 2
  • Download iFunbox and install it
  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac/PC through a cable and open iFunbox
  • From the main window, select User Applications (left column) and WhatsApp (right column)
iFunbox - WhatsApp

I know, it’s in italian… but you understand it, right? ?

  • Open the folder and change the view from icons to list (the button between Current Device and Languages in the top bar, but it isn’t necessary)
  • Select the ringtone that you want to change (they have .m4r or .caf extension) and copy it to your computer as a backup
  • Copy the name of the copied ringtone and rename the ringtone that you want to take its place (they must have the exact same name and extension)
  • Now drag and drop the new ringtone to iFunbox and overwrite the old one
  • Now select the new ringtone from WhatsApp: Settings->Notifications

Now, when you receive a new message, you’ll hear the new ringtone! But we didn’t finish yet: if you want to hear the new ringtone even when you are inside a WhatsApp chat, you have to substitute the incoming.aif file with the new ringtone (following the same procedure). Aif and caf files are the same thing, only the extension is different; but if your ringtone extension is m4r, you need to convert it. You can use this useful online tool: just select your audio file (m4r, mp3, or any other audio file) or upload it through Dropbox, leave the default settings (unless you know what you’re doing) and click on Convert file; your audio file will be converted and downloaded on your computer (just remember to change the extension from .aiff to .aif or .caf).

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